10 Interesting of Book Tattoos

I am a fervent lover of literature. At some point, while looking for designs for my tattoos, I thought about tattooing one of my favorite books. However, I gave up, surrendered to the Japanese symbolism. However, I am still fascinated by the meaning of book tattoos. If you are a fan of reading and the world of letters, this gallery is for you.

Book tattoos meaning

I read here that tattooing your skin with something about literature, including books, and posting it on the web is the last frontier of your own literary expression. I translate an excerpt from the article:

“Many of the designs are short and memorable quotes, but others – often covering the entire back of the person – are composed of entire paragraphs of books.

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We are many fans of the world of literature and books, as we can see. The books are a window to a wonderful world, enrich your vocabulary, awaken your imagination and creativity. So I consider it appropriate to worship him through a tattoo, book tattoos, reading for pure taste is a lifestyle that deserves its place in self-expression.

And you, do you love literature so much as to immortalize a book on your skin? If it is your case, get inspired by reviewing our images of book tattoos.