100 Ideas of Appliances and Industrial Kitchens

Industrial kitchen. One of the most modern styles of interior design is the industrial, and more specifically for spaces of much use such as the kitchen. Today’s appliances also have designs that make them increasingly functional and useful, so today we will show you a hundred models of industrial kitchen style and advanced technology kitchens.

Industrial kitchen design

To begin we will make a brief introduction of the history of this style of decoration. It turns out that it comes from the trend of the last century to turn the factories and offices of large cities into housing. For this reason it is characteristic of this fashion to take advantage of the original claddings and walls of concrete or brick seen.
There are also architectural structures such as beams, pillars, columns or even pipes. The appearance of the place can seem to look old and worn, this is also part of the charm of this current look. It is intended to give the places a feeling of great mobility and willingness to work at ease by having at hand all the necessary materials and utensils.

Another fundamental feature is the use of neutral and raw tones such as white, gray, brown or black. Appliances and furniture show their natural appearance without being embellished in any way and sometimes we can also find models of kitchens with some note of retro and vintage style.

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We have seen before that the white ceramic tiles that mimic the lining of the metro in some European capitals are great for completing an industrial and urban style design in case we are also thinking of a change for the walls. Nor should we forget wood.

This material will be our ally in any of its forms, be it natural wood or in laminates or conglomerates. We will see that in many cases designs are repeated with dining tables, kitchen islands or pantry furniture of natural wood without varnishing, although it is also chosen by many for the lining of floors and ceilings.

To create our own industrial style design would perhaps help if we were in the context. Imagine in New York in the fifties, specifically in the Soho neighborhood, where thousands of students, workers, immigrants and artists dream of a new life of abundance and dreams come true.

In this situation not everyone could afford an apartment reform, let alone if it was for rent. That’s why many used appliances and old furniture, or even managed to make new furniture using recycled materials. Nowadays this happens again with the original fashion of using wooden pallets to create furniture.

Dadra specializes in the production of urban and industrial furniture. The sobriety of the materials they usually use is complemented by designs of simple shapes and very vintage style, as is the case of this natural iron backed chair called “India”.

In the image at the top we can see a design of industrial kitchen quite spacious and practical. Appliances feature a stainless steel finish while some of the most commonly used furniture surfaces are natural wood, such as kitchen island or dining table.

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In the following photograph, on the other hand, the use of reinforced concrete predominates in columns and in the door of solid aspect, although there are also several elements of laminates of wood in some of the furniture. We also see a side brick wall seen, another unmistakable feature of this style so modern and urbanite.

On the other hand, for this smaller kitchen, a white ceramic tiles with a glossy finish has been chosen and on the remaining walls and beams white paint has also been used, thus a reduced space is well lit and a Sensation of greater amplitude.

It is quite common to find in industrial kitchen designs open shelves and also slates in which we can write down recipes or the shopping list. In some models what we will see are walls and walls completely coated with slate paint or panels with black laminate on which we can write with chalk.

Another very characteristic feature are the hanging metal lamps. Usually they are usually of very simple design, in many cases round and with hemisphere form. However, we can see that hanging bulbs can also be used directly without any glass or lamp covering them.

Basically with this we have already mentioned all the characteristics of the industrial style, so now we will list them again as a summary. Firstly, the use and exploitation of the original architectural structures such as walls, walls and floors; The elements of metal, concrete and steel in used-looking furniture and a palette of neutral colors that do not draw attention.

The arrangement of the furniture should not hamper the movement and the pieces of furniture should always be of simple and minimalist design. Finally, and as a personal suggestion, we will add that the painted blue-green metallic furniture is perfect for an industrial kitchen design since it is reminiscent of the enormous kitchens of old public institutions such as schools or hospitals.

We hope that our post today has helped you to understand the basis of this innovative style and the elements that form it so that you yourselves can be able to elaborate an own design of kitchen of industrial style. Do not hesitate any more and start improvising at home, you will enjoy the final result.

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