15 amazing ideas to get your first tattoo, small and discreet designs

First tattoo. Tattoos have become an art expression that reflects the essence of each person. Its popularity has led to an infinite number of designs, suitable for all tastes.

If you are determined to get your first tattoo, it is advisable to choose a small and discreet design, in order to measure your tolerance to pain and start entering this world.

First tattoo ideas


Flowers are related to life, nature and beauty. They look amazing on the skin and can be adapted to any style.

Human heart

A small human heart will reflect your love of life and realism.

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In grammar, the semicolon indicates the pause in a sentence that then continues. This tattoo refers to this event in life, where no matter how many brakes there are, you keep moving forward and growing

A little phrase

A phrase that reflects your emotions and thoughts can help you express yourself.


For lovers of the sea and everything it represents, an excellent alternative is the design of a sailboat.

Oriental symbols

If you have a great interest in other cultures, you will love this type of tattoos.


The stars reflect a love of fantasy and magic.


Birds represent free spirits and travelers. It is a great design for those who enjoy traveling the world.


Dragonflies are tied to creativity and connection to each person’s creative side. If you consider yourself an ingenious person, it is a perfect tattoo for you.


These discreet tattoos are perfect for those who are looking for something minimalist and not ostentatious.


The anchor represents firmness, stability and good fortune.


This triangle symbolizes explorers who are curious to learn about everything around them.


The zen symbol comes from Japanese culture and is a circular outline that represents the universe and the void. Its meaning is enlightenment.


If you are a lover of the universe and contemplate the stars, you will love this first tattoo in the form of constellations.


The tree manifests the creation of life and contact with nature.