20 sister tattoo designs, perfect to show your love and complicity

Tattoos color and fill your skin with life. From the beautiful and colorful designs that find their inspiration in watercolor, to those subtle and small that are perfect for your first stroke on the skin.

The most beautiful thing about tattoo is that they can be an eternal trace of love and the deep bond between two people. One of the most beautiful ties that exists is that of sisters.

We present you 20 perfect sister tattoo designs ideas to forever carry the friendship and affection between you and your sister.

Sister tattoo designs ideas

1. One of the simplest and most beautiful ways to show your love is with a heart stroke. Design may include who is the older sister (Big Sis) and who is in the younger (Lil Sis)

2. There are several designs with which they can appropriate the heart, as well as the legend that defines who is the older and younger sister.

3. A photograph from when they were small can be the perfect inspiration for a minimalist and silhouette design of both.

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4. If they had a childhood far from cell phones and other devices, they surely played with the classic boat phone. This ingenious toy can be the perfect object to mark the connection between the two.

5. You can also choose a design that only you know the meaning behind the symbol that both share.

6. If they are opposite, but at the same time they complement each other perfectly, the Sun and Moon are for you. You can bet on a subtle detail of these stars.

7. In case you want to go all in with these stars, you can venture to wear a much more detailed and large design of the Sun and the Moon.

8. The stem of a beautiful flower can be the perfect place to write your beautiful link. Do you want to make it more personal? Add the date each was born.

9. If both have a favorite flower, they can bet on sharing the beauty of this flower together and in the same place.

10. Best of all, the tastes they share can be as delicate as a beautiful rose or as authentic as a strong cactus.

11. One of the most beautiful promises that are known and felt in the heart is that as sisters we will always be, at all times, to infinity and beyond.

12. They can capture the signature pinky promise sign to symbolize how beautiful it is to be able to promise and trust each other.

13. The line that represents you can be just one of the moments of more love between you. They can also add their little initial to the sister tattoo designs.

14. One of the simplest and most subtle designs is the birth dates. Tattooing them in the same place evokes a greater connection.

15. Did you girls spend hours swinging together? Capture those beautiful moments on your skin. Each one can carry a part of the swing.

16. If they are three sisters, they can choose a beautiful composition of delicate hearts. The way to make this design more personal is for each one to have a heart.

17. The sister tattoo designs of three or more hearts are the most beautiful and popular, for when they are more than two sisters.

18. If you don’t like hearts, there are many more figures that evoke the same idea as little hearts.

19. They can even go for saga designs that have marked everyone’s childhood, as Harry Potter did with many generations.

20. A sense of humor is one of the most fun and beautiful things in any human relationship. If you and your sister share the same humor and have hundreds of local jokes, what better than to appropriate this and take it with you.