25 Ideas of Amazing BBQ Outdoor Kitchen

BBQ outdoor kitchen. The good weather arrives and with it our desire to go out into the garden to enjoy a pleasant meal together with ours. What better place than our own outdoor patio to have great work barbecues to cook on the sunniest days. Today we will talk about several fantastic ideas of BBQ outdoor kitchen, to take the kitchen the garden taking advantage of the spaces to the maximum and looking for the greater comfort.

BBQ Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

The barbecues of work that we can contemplate usually coincide in the materials, be they of brick or stone can be combined very well with the aesthetics of the garden. The stone gives a more classical appearance, giving possibility to build barbecues that include a nice fireplace also for the exterior.
Depending on the weather we recommend putting the barbecue or kitchen indoors. See these beautiful wooden roofs or porches that cover the exterior kitchen and dining spaces. They can be covered by awnings or vegetation and will protect our evenings from the rain. In several of the examples, the roofs or decks are joined together with the wooden platform creating a sort of trimmed outer shed. In this way you can isolate a space in the garden to devote to meals. Maintenance is facilitated and the kitchen is more protected from the dirt on the outside.

However, we will show BBQ outdoor kitchens for all tastes and styles. In case our choice is rather the one of a more solid and resistant construction we will have to choose barbecues of work with stone or cement that can be located perfectly in zones uncovered of the garden. If we place around hammocks and deck chairs we will create a pleasant and relaxing place.

Instead if we wish to include other kitchen furniture and appliances for a kitchen-dining area dedicated especially to large meals and dinners, we suggest choosing a covered and drier area. A hob or kitchen island is a very useful element, in case we need more space to cook on a surface or if the dining room table is far away.

Another fantastic option is to unite the entire space of the kitchen by a marble bar or an external worktop, so that our outdoor kitchen is hidden behind this bar. Guests can relax in the outdoor dining area while the food is made a few feet away from them, without worrying about the odors of the barbecue.

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The style of our BBQ outdoor kitchen will depend mainly on the conditions offered by the space we intend to devote. If we have the option to use some area partially covered by a roof and one or two walls, it would be possible to use interior furniture for the decoration of the place. Solid wood table and chairs sets in combination with the barbeque work limestone will give a rather luxurious style to the place.

In general we appreciate the abundance of materials such as stone, brick and wood for BBQ outdoor kitchen. But we also see plastic in furniture a bit more modern and contemporary. A minimalist style plastic chairs would fit quite well in our outdoor dining area as we continue to mix indoor furniture with outdoor spaces, this is the idea.

Finally, we can add characteristic details of a kitchen such as tiles or pieces of dinnerware. We will pay special attention when lighting our barbecue and we will make sure that no furniture or element of our decoration is exposed to heat and fire. Do not forget to mention that we can create a fantastic design for a BBQ outdoor kitchen, see the examples of BBQ outdoor kitchen, improvise with your own style!

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