3 Inspired Egyptian Wedding Rings – Favorite Choices for Iconic Ring Designs

Who isn’t astonished with excellence and uniqueness of Egyptian Culture? Finish with some run of the mill symbols, old Egyptian wedding bands swing to be a most loved decision for each lady of the hour to-be. Wonderful outline of Egyptian wedding bands can be gotten effectively. As in carefully assembled things found in Etsy, there is Rose Gold Egyptian Ankh Ring and Titanium Custom Made Band by Stone stream Jewelry which is valued at $ 685.00.

3 Inspired Egyptian Wedding Rings

The 8mm wide titanium and 14k rose gold are inserted into the ring with glossy silk/brush complete and cleaned angled edges. There is a 4mm focus groove decorated with strong rose gold that surrounds the ring. Bear in mind additionally with four processed Egyptian ankhs as image for everlasting life making this ring all the more beguiling and essential. It is made with titanium and it is lightweight.

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Second is on Egyptian Goddess Ring by Charlie and marcelle for $ 150.00+. The ladylike impression is intentionally shown by taking motivation from Egyptian Goddess Isis (goddess of richness and parenthood). The ladylike perspective will be an ideal image for ladies and it can be you as well. It is made with 14k yellow, rose, white gold, bronze, or sterling silver as alternatives. It is set with 0.03 ctw white rose cut precious stone.

The last comes to RA 14k Gold Pearl Ring by arosha. It costs $ 520.00. Sun divine force of Ra will be other quite Egyptian wedding bands. With a nearby subtlety to Egyptian culture and folklore, it can be a special choice for Egyptian wedding bands finish with white pearl with a precious stone to finish everything.

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