3 Viking Wedding Rings Design Ideas for Him and Her, Full of Story

Viking wedding rings are another unique design when talking about thematic wedding rings. Being different and steal people’s heart can be shown by couples who prefer a Viking design compared to general wedding rings. Diverse designs can be chosen according to the wishes and themes of the wedding itself.

Viking Wedding Rings Design

Odin’s Ring Ravens, Huginn and Muninn Ring from Ruyan Shop could be the first choice. If the couples are interested in making a ring, they can easily find etsy Viking wedding rings. Priced at USD 35.00, it is handmade. The design tells about the Norse mythology where Huginn and Muninn is a couple of raven flying all over the world bringing good information and advice to god Odin. Huginn itself means ‘thought’ and Muninn is ‘memory’ in Old Norse language.

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Second, it has Viking Ring in Silver by SanSanAtelier for USD 58.00. Inspired by Viking design with runes engraved in it, the elegant silver is handcrafted and combined with modern touch to make the Viking wedding rings look magical with full of special powers. This will be a gift full of meaning for those who receive it from beloved.

The last is on Celtic ring by Elf craft which is priced at USD 40.58. The Celtic ring is a handmade ring with sterling silver and available in various sizes that can be customized by orders. The Celtic knot represents the connection of all elements to be united into one. Made with passion and love, the jewelry is expected to bring a positive message to the wearer.