36 Ideas for a Modern Country Kitchen Style

Modern country kitchen. Today we have for you some very original ideas of kitchen furniture for lovers of country style with modern touches. It is clear that we all want an adorable and cozy kitchen.

Do not think that we are going to show you a typical country house decoration today we show you options to add original details such as counter tops and modern slabs to your modern country kitchen style furniture.
If you have a kitchen with architectural features of rustic style, sculptural and modern chairs stand out a lot. We must not forget that for modern design are typical curves, basic angles and defined and simple lines.

This search for pure lines and lack of clutter is one of the reasons why modern style works so well in combination with rustic country design and also creates the illusion of a larger space.

In addition the colors used for a modern design are pure white or neutrals accented with vibrant primary colors. They combine very well with the colors that we can see in a kitchen with country design.

Here you have our first advice if you have decided to create a modern country kitchen house airs. The first thing you can do is instead opt for the typical wall cabinets to choose shelves.

But be careful to avoid chaos in these open shelves. So that the space is bright. In addition if you are going to leave the shelves open you should opt for a slab or a white or neutral wall color that are the most appropriate colors for the modern style.

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If you have a wooden wall you can leave it like this or paint it white. Country-style kitchen furniture blends seamlessly with wood-beamed ceilings that will be a wonderful rustic touch.

A very important element for the kitchen with country design and in any other kitchen is the sink. For a stylish country house kitchen our advice is to opt for a large white ceramic sink.

A large sink is perfect because it allows you to wash large pots and pans with considerable size in the pots. If you have a large family that meets at your house every Sunday this type of sink is perfect.

There are modern large sink designs so do not worry this classic accessory can be perfect in a kitchen with rustic or modern furniture.

Another thing that is typical of kitchens in country houses are independent furniture. Who can resist the charms of a cozy and cozy space with a mix of stand-alone furniture, industrial lighting and open shelves filled with gleaming copper pots and pans?

If this idea of ??independent furniture does not like you can always simply add some leather bar chairs on which you can sit for lunch. Another thing that we discussed are the walls with wooden panels.

Wooden beams and panels painted white are important elements for a country kitchen. But be careful of mixing elements. Since in a kitchen with country design is played with the contrasts.

Modern industrial pendant lamps, glossy panel cabinets, modern stools and open shelves. Everything you need to design a country-style kitchen.

Another mix in which you play with the contrasts is the choice of a rustic style wooden table combined with elegant dining chairs, a white ceiling with wooden beams combined with modern pendant lamps of shiny metal.

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If you are a fan of kitchens with American style island. In our photos you can see many ideas of kitchens with modern design and country with island. This large piece of furniture in the middle of the kitchen will be your star and of course the focus of attention.

If in its elegant kitchen you want to combine the comfort of country style with modern touches. We advise you to select a creamy white color for the walls or cabinets and an island of green blue or black as an accent, simply to give a surprising touch to your design.

An island of color other than the other furniture offers the kitchen a focal point, while the additional details in the same tone, add a greater appeal.

If you opt for a green island then you can put some crystal details or pendant lamps of the same color as the island to visually link with the island.

We have commented on almost all the elements except the kitchen countertops which are an important element. How can you prepare a tasty meal without having the necessary space? For a kitchen with country design the most popular option are the wooden countertops which is a durable material.

But as we are talking about a modern and country design. In the photos you can also see many kitchens with marble countertops.

Among all the stones, the natural marble is undoubtedly the most valuable and can give a touch of modernity to the kitchen with country-style design.

If you choose this material, it is best to be white, to provide luminosity to the space. Obviously, the marble chosen, must be subjected to an anti-stain treatment.

To add a touch of color and modernity to your kitchen with country style you can opt for a bright color refrigerator. It is not necessary to have a predetermined space where to place your refrigerator, you can put it in one of the corners of the kitchen, without compromising the aesthetics of the design.

Speaking of the fridge we can not forget the stove. For a modern country kitchen the best option is a wood stove. But with the modern life that we carry it is impossible to bring firewood in the city to be able to make coffee in the morning. In the market there are many models of gas stoves with retro design.

Today we have for all of you some very original ideas of kitchen furniture and elements that should not be missing in a kitchen with country-style and modern design to inspire you to bring retro air to your apartment in the city.

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