3D tattoos that require glasses for viewing

3D tattoo. How much 3D technology has changed in movies and video games. I still remember when I was a child and played with those classic glasses that simulated a 3D effect by combining two colors: Red and Blue.

Yes, many ended up with a big headache, however, for that time, this was the maximum. And if we extrapolate to the world of tattoos? The result may be the most peculiar.

And is that with these 3D tattoo that require these features glasses for correct viewing will be the center of attention in family gatherings or with your friends.

Although when we talk about 3D tattoo many quickly think that we talk about designs that simulate the 3D effect, in this case, we refer to tattoos that if or if they need these glasses in red and blue to be able to simulate said effect of depth or movement.

3D Tattoo glasses

The result is quite peculiar as we have already said that if we do not wear the glasses to see them, it will give us the sensation of being dizzy or that we have a simple scribble on the skin in two colors.

As for the type of designs of this nature that we can shape in our skin, personally I would opt for simple things and do not have too many paths.

Since otherwise, it is possible to not get a good 3D effect and the tattoo itself would look pretty bad. If you still keep one of these 3D glasses at home, I invite you to see these tattoos with them. You will see the surprise.

Pictures of 3D tattoo


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