5 Keys to organizing a marriage in 6 months

If they have no more than six months to get married, they are in the right place. Here we will give you the best tips to organize an express marriage.

Organizing a marriage preparations

The organization of a marriage usually takes a long time. It is advisable to start the preparations at least one year before. However, if they do not have so much time, it is possible to organizing a marriage in record time and if it is only six months that they have available quietly here we tell you everything:

Wedding Planner Get in touch with a professional in the organizing a marriage. It will save you precious time with your big contact book to find a place for reception in the blink of an eye.

Electronic invitations If you do not have many guests, call them to give them the news and the date or send them electronic invitations. It is much faster, as well as cheap, and they will have an answer before.

The waiting lists and agendas of the churches for religious marriages tend to be longer so keep in mind the possibility of holding only a civil wedding to buy time if it does not coincide that date is free where they ask.

Use your own network of contacts. You never know who can have a house where to celebrate the marriage, an acquaintance who works in a good catering or friends willing to give them a hand with decorating or desserts.

Do not delay in choosing the dress. Keep in mind that they go with just the right time so the level of demand usually has to go down a bit. Try not to take long to choose your wedding dress and do not visit any store without having made a good pre-selection of models. Remember that you can also buy your dress online or rent it.

Organizing a marriage in six months is not an insurmountable challenge. If you already know who you want to have by your side and how you want it to be, you do not have to wait any longer. Mind you, keep in mind that it is not always possible to have a perfect marriage to the milimeter that has also been prepared in just six months but it is worth trying.