50 ideas of kitchen island bar

Kitchen island bar. Today we bring you news, we present fifty fabulous images of kitchen island bar or islands with worktops. In previous articles we have already seen some of the most requested materials for this type of furniture, so today we are going to see some designs that include bars of the latest fashion, you can not miss.

Kitchen island bar ideas

First we can see the laminated wood counters. In this case the wooden bar is dedicated to the dining area as there is another counter more suitable to cook and manipulate food on it. Here we see very current tendencies such as the combination of white and wood, and also furniture with collar pulls.
Then another variant in white and wood, although in this case the kitchen island bar is minimalist design and is made from Corian. This design also has a set of turquoise pantry furniture with a glossy lacquer finish that manage to completely transform the appearance of the kitchen.

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Also here we see a note of intense color. The island of kitchen in the form of ele is made of Corian and counts also with a superposed structure of lime green that serves the function of bar. It is true that in a decoration so white any element of color will draw much attention, but in this design has achieved a virtually great harmony.

The following design was created by Patrick Y Hong in 2011. Here you can see combinations of styles, materials, textures and colors. The result is a very cozy looking place with different areas delimited but at the same time interconnected with each other. The kitchen island bar is aquamarine, a detail that brings a retro touch reminding us of the mid-century designs that are carried today.

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