6 designs of Japanese tattoos that reflect your inner strength

Japanese tattoos. For some people, their tattoos are like scars of war. They boast on their skin as symbols of their failures, victories and experiences. They remind them where they come from and the courage they needed to get to that place.

Japanese tattoos design

In Japanese art you will find a lot of inspiration, since their beings and legends are full of meanings. Here we share some designs of Japanese tattoos that are characterized by transmitting strength:

Lion of Fu

These guardian lions are in charge of protecting temples and palaces, so it is common to find statues of them outside important places in Asia. They represent courage and protection.

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Dragons are one of the most popular designs in Japanese art. They are representatives of strength because they have the ability to control the elements of nature in their favor. Also, nothing says more “Do not mess with me” than that face.


Strength, ferocity and courage: a tiger tattoo defines a person as someone who fights for what he wants to achieve.

Koi fish

Like the dragon, these fish are emblematic of Japanese tattoos. Due to the longevity of this animal, the koi fish represents persistence and the ability to cope with any problem that appears.


The Daruma dolls are constructed in such a way that no matter if they are knocked down, they will always rise again. This property makes them a symbol of triumph in the face of adversity.


The samurai: the legendary warriors who fought with honor and courage. No more explanations are needed.