7 Hindu symbols tattoo and giving the change to your life that you need so much

Hindu symbols tattoo. Tracing colored lines on our skin is a way to remember the most important events in our lives. Those of us with tattoos feel we are carriers of a beautiful work of art. In short, that’s tattoos, art.

If you want to get a tattoo that reminds you of the balance that life so badly needs, you can choose to wear Hindu designs on your skin. This culture is characterized by balance, peace and love, and what better to carry on your skin these Hindu symbols tattoo that will bring strength and protection.

Lotus flower

The lotus flower is a symbol of strength and purity of the soul. This flower emerges in swampy waters and that is why it is associated with the resurgence, with the purity and spiritual elevation of the body.

The hand of Fatima

It is an amulet venerated by several religions, according to the Hindu culture this hand is a sign of strength and peace. Who carries it will not feel fear because it is capable of dissipating it.


It is a god that is associated with knowledge and wisdom. On the other hand, the legends say that it is able to remove the obstacles of your life and in turn gives you the strength to face them if necessary.


They are abstract representations originating in India that are used for meditation. Each line has a meaning, just like its colors.

Henna tattoos

In Indian weddings, brides tattoo with henna is a sign of beauty and change.


It is the sign that symbolizes the beginning of a path. Their curves represent the mistakes we made and the straight lines the path to enlightenment.


It is the most representative symbol of this culture, it symbolizes the combination of body and spirit. Its pronunciation means the unity of the supreme. It is the fundamental sound of the universe.

Hindu symbols tattoo are an option to represent a before and after in your life. They can be the brand that enables the beginning of a new life. Cheer up, there are dozens of designs that you will love!

What is your favorite?