8 reasons to prefer roses in your bridal bouquet

 Among all the flowers in the garden, the most beautiful. Undoubtedly, the roses are and will be preferred to escort the bride to the altar. And like everything in bridal matters, they reinvent themselves to satisfy all the demands of their faithful.

Bridal bouquet – roses are and will be preferred

From the middle ages, in which, thanks to their aroma they became indispensable to woo women during their path to yes I accept, bouquets or bridal bouquet have undergone several changes. If previously only flowers of the forest were collected, today they are cultivated and prepared for the long tasks of every woman during their marriage. And from this side of the continent, the roses have become over time the indispensable in the bouquets of the bride .

They can be linked to exotic foliages, small florets or alone and shine without much effort thanks to their beauty, nuances and volumes. If you still do not decide for them, we give you 8 reasons to make them part of your style along with that superb dress that you already chose. List?

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The roses have become over time the most beautiful flowers in the garden thanks to the symbolism that weighs on them. For every man in love, awarding a red rose is like saying I love you without words. In the same way, mothers are given as a symbol of love in their day and women who have just conceived are honored with bouquets in pink tones as a parable.

Reservation available all year

Both in Peru, but to a greater extent in our neighbors Ecuador and Colombia, the cultivation of roses is quite widespread. You will find them all year round, get married in winter or fall, unlike other seasonal flowers such as lilies, dahlias, violets, orchids or daisies, which are not always available or whose prices rise in certain seasons.

Smart farming

Thanks to the intelligent cultivation that supports them, the roses keep their shine for long days without withering quickly like other beautiful flowers. A plus, which you should keep in mind when deciding on the flowers that will contain your beautiful bridal bouquet.

That color you are looking for

White for elegant or glam bride, pastel shades for vintage and shabby chic. Shades of red to give the effect you want and complement your style, you will always find roses in colors that other flowers have limited.

Your types and sizes

In bud or flower, small or wild, there are different sizes and types of roses to complement more than one style. The best part is that you can combine them and achieve the effect you are looking for.

Harmonize with all the flowers

If faithful to the trend you want more than one type of flower in your bridal bouquet, roses are those that are well-balanced with all kinds of flowers, foliage and wild or dried stems.

They can go solo

The beauty of roses does not need more allies than their mere presence. If the bold and protagonic natural flower bouquets are not your thing and you do not visualize yourself with a traditional waterfall-like bouquet, it is because your style leans towards the minimalist. Decántate for a single imported rose or arm a simple bouquet with two or three of them.

Blue, the color of the bride

It is well known nowadays that blue is one of the colors that should accompany the bride during her wedding. Do not miss the opportunity to be escorted by a beautiful bouquet of blue roses, while attracting good fortune and away the bad omen in this new stage you are about to begin.

Beyond the words, the roses reveal themselves as the most outstanding flowers to be part of the bridal bouquet and elevate their style to wherever they want. After knowing the reasons why to consider the roses for this important element, what if they continue with the planning tasks of their marriage, maybe they should quote the prices of the wedding cakes, collect the memories they will give to your guests or decide the cut and the neckline of your wedding dress. What a thrill! The hours, the minutes and the seconds pass, each time you are closer to starting a beautiful stage after the yes, I accept!