A Circle tattoo – eternity on your skin

All cultures have common symbols that express their relation to the universe; It is likely that the circle is the most relevant. Although some think that it is too simple as a Circle tattoo, its symbolism is very deep, so that tattooed can say much about you as well as serve as a guide for your spiritual growth.

Roundness is considered sacred because it is the most natural form: the planets, the suns, the ovules, the eyes, the electrons, the atoms, the navel are round. Plato said that the head (which is round) is a microcosm in itself, a universe.

Symbolism of a circle tattoo

The unit tattooed on one shoulder

A circle has no beginning or end, it closes on itself; Represents the eternal, the absolute, unity, perfection, the circular movement of life, the cyclical. It is associated with the sun without which there would be no life on earth and also represents the relationship between the two, the union between the divine and the earthly. It is the symbol of gold in Alchemy, the most precious metal.

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It is protective, that is why it was used to defend the buildings (laces of stone) and people (crowns, bracelets, necklaces, bracelets, belts …). When a ritual is performed to protect someone, a circle is drawn with a point in the center; That point is the being, the soul.

 Sorcerers, magicians and sorcerers draw a magic circle for rituals (to seal, invoke, protect, etc.) and the underside of the tunic is considered a circle that seals their feet. And how not to mention the circular places of power (Stonehegen) or the enigmatic crop circles.

A Circle tattoo represents the entire universe

The combined circles also have their own symbolism: two twin circles: the feminine and the masculine, as well as wisdom and love; Concentric circles: the development of being; A circle with a point in the center: revelation, since it is the open eye of God and a point and a circle within a larger circle represent the trinity body, mind and soul.

As you can see the circle is a fascinating symbol for Circle tattoo since it admits hundreds of variants; I’ll tell you about them in other posts.


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