Accessories for a vintage decor

You can tell that a decorative vintage object is provided “talk” of the era in which it was created. In other words, all objects from the era in which they were designed are vintage. Year after year, this trend merely consolidation in the world of decoration. So what if you get a tone and transform your home into a vintage decor space?.

Vintage decor transform

Written Cushion

Checkered, furry and … handwritten-like this. Is it not the height of originality? So do not underestimate its smallness, for this beautiful cushion will give it a beautiful touch of style to your couch. In addition, its classic colors allow very easily adapt to your surroundings. Therefore, you can incorporate this accessory without breaking the harmony of your environment. What more can you ask?.

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Post Table

is missing a table for your living room? Well, you just found it! While this is not an accessory per se table, I assure you that you can fulfill the same function. This little box will have enough space for a casual meal, or support your remote controls, books and anything else you can think of. But there’s more: inside this wooden box you can also store things. And as if all these qualities are not achieved, this postcard table will be in perfect harmony with the writing pad!

Time Vinyl

propose a trip in time. Let’s get to those times, not so past, where there were no computers, no cell phones. And people enjoyed music, playing the famous lacquer discs. These were the faithful witness of the most romantic dances and the most intimate levels. And now they can also witness your happiest days. Just decorate your wall with this amazing clock vinyl.

Lamp crystals

take the form of a lamp, without a doubt, it would be this. Had you ever seen anything so beautiful? Well, now you can enjoy it at home all the time. With this lamp, you can paint your living room with the dim light and relaxing. This not only brighten up your home but also your reading, your chats and why not, your meals.


best to decorate your wall with a positive message? Here is one of them: “Today is your lucky day.” These are beautiful words that gives you this picture and you can now have more present than ever. This table will encourage you in the most difficult moments will steal a smile at the most unexpected moment and remind you that luck does not come by magic: it is built.

Couch to remember

the world of sofas, this model is king. His overwhelming elegance, classical tonality and unrivaled comfort elevate him above his fellows. So what are you waiting for give it to you? You will not regret! You can not say we did not warn you: Once your buttocks poses on him not to want unstuck. You’ve given in to so much pleasure!.

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Scaled Cushion

Never have too many couch cushions. So breaks the monotony of yours with this adorable scaled cushion. Unlike the writing pad, this has a very unusual shape. Thus, it is a kind of cushion-box. Nobody will almohadoncillo like yours and not just what I say for the originality of its form. And this cushion was made from the vintage clothing of one of the most recognized stars of the thirties opera. Therefore, it is completely unique!

I have given our vintage decor here. But this is just beginning: back next week with more accessories so you can give a decorative twist to your home. See you soon!