Alizée Tattoos Collection

The ex-child star Alizée has grown well, and now carries the remains of his childhood under his skin. It has more than twenty tattoos, mainly small to medium-sized pieces

Alizee tattoo, who pierced the public at the age of 15 with her single “Moi … Lolita” written for her by Mylène Farmer, had a first tattoo at the age of 16, very early then. The little fairy Clochette is located on the kidneys, hidden under the shirt. Alizée agrees: “it has grown old and it is not really a work of art (…) but I still love it because it is the first one”.

Alizée has always loved the tattoo, the universe of Tim Burton, the mangas and cartoons of his youth. They are ubiquitous in his tattoos. The meaning of Alizee tattoos is to represent her memories.

Alizée Tattoos Design

Alizée was inked another tattoo of the bell in the back. A big room that is pretty imposing for a woman, very daring, that she sees as “a kind of guardian angel who always watches over me.” Even the Pope of the Tin-Tin Tattoo did not come back: “If you do that, respect! “

Alizée was also tattooed her daughter in drawing manga when she was 3 years on the inside of the forearm.

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Despite some regrets, especially about the tattoo of his father’s first name in Hebrew, Alizée remains proud of her tattoos. Alizée has also had this laser tattoo removed. So much the worse for Jérémy Chatelain, the former candidate of the Star Academy, of which she is today separated.

Although her lolita period is now far behind her, Alizée has become a model of eternal youth, with anchored tattoos in childhood: cartoons Sailor Moon, Arcle of the manga Dr Slump, a snorky, The Tinkerbell of course, but also Snow White with a submachine gun. His “forever young” tattoo is also very representative of his state of mind.

The winner of Dance with the stars 4, now in partnership with the professional dancer Grégoire Lyonnet, has regained a new notoriety and emotional stability thanks to the show. She was noticed in bonus appearances in the series of TF1 “Our dear neighbors”. She chose to ink her love in a common tattoo with Grégoire Lyonnet: One love, One life on their respective arms.

Alizée also lent her voice to the cartoon “Clochette” in the movies, in company of Lorie who takes the title role. Alizée interprets the character of Nyx

Alizée’s passion for tattooing does not go away with time. This is testified by his regular participation as a guest in events such as the world of tattooing