Amazing Black Rose Tattoos

Much has already been said on this site about flowers and their colors. For example, we have told you what is behind the designs of yellow flowers or those of blue roses. And, this time, I’m interested in highlighting the combination of one of the most chosen species of flowers by lovers of body art, the rose, and a color more than emblematic, black: black rose tattoo.

Black rose tattoos meaning

The black rose tattoos are idiosyncratically beautiful. But at the same time, it can not be denied that her beauty is dark, mysterious. What does the darkness of the black rose tattoo entail?. For many, these symbolize death and pain. That is why some people choose the beauty of the designs of black roses to immortalize on their skin the memory of a lost loved one, who is no longer.

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On the other hand, there are those who consider that the black rose tattoo symbolizes hope, for the fact that purely black roses do not exist, actually. There are also versions that assert that these denote rebellion: they are different, stand out in a different way from all the others.

In some cultures, black rose tattoos symbolize the end of a long and arduous journey, which could be interpreted as the culmination of a stage, the end of a cycle, the concretion of something.

And, in your case, what would be the meaning for your black rose tattoos?
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