Animal tattoos – designs and meanings

Statistically speaking, images are the most common motives for animal tattoos nowadays among people of all ages, gender and lifestyle. What is the reason for this popularity? Since the beginning of existence, humanity has been strongly connected with nature and its creatures.

In general, we are part of the animal world like all our friends on all fours, and we are largely influenced by our deep instincts. So it’s no surprise that such a connection affects the art of tattoos. Since the dawn of time, our ancestors tattooed the body with images of animals that are often profoundly symbolic and metaphysical.

The choice of animal tattoos

The meaning of such tattoos can be very diverse. For many people covering the body with an animal tattoo is a way to show the world its vision and passion. For example, if they have chosen the character of this or that representative of the fauna it is because they associate themselves with this one (by its temperament, habits or appearances)

Sometimes this similarity is not obvious, the choice often represents the traits that people would like to have. This can be seen as a spiritual evolution, expressed by a tattoo. In addition, a gifted tattoo artist can transform the image into a masterpiece.

This kind of tattoo has a constant relevance which increases, so it has no fear of losing its popularity. So if you started dreaming about animal designs you would like to see on your body, think carefully about the reason and symbol of your tattoo. And we will be happy to help you find the criteria that will make you perfect.

Totem roots of animal tattoos

Some ethnographic and anthropological research proves that animal tattoos are widespread throughout the world. Some scientists claim that this tradition comes from ancient totemic beliefs.

Totemism manifests a mystical relationship with a spiritual being in which the soul of an animal or a plant is the ancestor of a man or of a social group; It consists of both religious and social aspects, which are equally important and interconnected.

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It is said that the totem gives a double favor to its owner. First, they indicate the connection with the animal and especially they help to group the separated individuals.

Tattoos with predators

One of the largest groups of animal tattoos are images of predators such as wolves, bears, lions, etc. Each of them has its wide palette of cultural meanings, but the things that unite all its characters is aggression, of course. Aggressiveness and power.

Aggressiveness does not necessarily mean hysteria – even in its greatest combat states one can see grace and beauty. When you choose such tattoos, you have to remember that you express your feelings and feelings often change. So this image must really represent your personality.

Moreover, the way in which the animal is represented also affects symbolism. For example, a wolf that yells at death means loneliness and independence.

A jumping wolf can express the determination and rapidity to pass the barriers. A wolf that runs is associated with love for speed, risk and changes. A wolf with his pack symbolizes leadership. This animal can become mystical, like the werewolves that are often tattooed naked with red eyes.

Bear Tattoos

The same with bears – this image can be sweet and wise or dangerous and fierce. But in general bear tattoos symbolize the resurrection and the beginning of a new life (the bear represents the model of hibernation), courage, bravery and even maternity, nurturing and protection, since These characters to bear mothers known for their dedication to their offspring.

It is difficult to find a more impressive and contradictory animal than the shark. His reputation gives shark tattoos an impression of rage, intrepidity, self-confidence and grace. But these are usually the traits of his character, since he has been seen in different ways in different cultures – from Australian aborigines to European sailors.

One thing is for sure that shark tattoos go very well to persistent and non-conformist individuals. What’s more, the shark has become a symbol of business and gambling, revealing power, dominance and superiority in what it does.

Bird Tattoo

But anyway, the semantics of bird tattooing depends on the type of bird you choose, as each of them has its meaning. Swan tattoos evoke thoughts of fidelity, love, eternal kindness, while eagle tattoos represent pride, prescience and independence.

Each bird has a controversial meaning, such as crows tattoos: on the one hand, it is the symbol of wisdom and longevity, but on the other hand, in art it is often connected to black forces, Bad news and failures. Nevertheless, in most cases, birds are a favorable sign: in the Christian world, for example, the white doves represent the Holy Spirit.

Fish Tattoos

Here it is the element of water that is represented through the different styles of fish tattoos. Poisons have a well-developed symbolic connotation, formed for thousands of years. In Buddhism, fish is represented as a spiritual enlightenment and a rejection of all material and passional affections.

The Chinese, as well as the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, took it for a sign of health and harmony, while the Hindus regarded it as the symbol of family and marriage. Let’s not forget the Fish Zodiac sign too – can become a nice tattoo motif for those born between February 19 and March 20.

Apart from being very physically attractive, fish tattoos have a remarkable symbolic context. Fish is often connected to fertility and maternity. His natural qualities make him a visual metaphor for dynamism, the desire for development, grace and femininity.

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Tattoos of insects and reptiles

Comparing to the others, tattoos are probably the least ‘lovely,’ but the most ‘speaking’ types of images for decorating your body. People are often fear or feel disgust for some of them, but nevertheless, they are so interesting.

Snake Tattoo

Let’s start with the butterfly tattoos that are most widely spread-among young women, because of their elegance, their bright colors and their resemblance to flowers. It is curious, but there is no negative meaning of the butterfly among all cultures and epochs: in ancient Greece it represented immortality and pure spirit (because of its incredible transformations passing from the caterpillar To a marvelous creature); In China it was the song of lovers, joy and summer, in Japan the butterfly symbolizes the good news, love, beauty and health of the family.

Spider Tattoo

For men the tattoos of spiders would be more appropriate. There are different interpretations of this image. In myths, spiders (particularly in Ancient Rome) are often attributed qualities of wisdom, diligence and good omen.

Today it is seen as an incarnation of greed, wickedness and evil. The spider is the master of destiny, which creates its web of life. It is the symbol of the absolute since its fine long legs mean the 8 parts of the world.

The third most popular reptile is the tattoo of the snake. The serpent is an archaic personage who is associated with secret knowledge and lively spirit. It is often rendered to a feminine sign, given that in Greek mythology snakes were connected to the goddess of the moon and the symbol of the moon is always feminine. In the Christian world serpents have important biblical connotations, linked to the history of original sin and temptation.