Ankle Tattoo Patterns

The ankle tattoo is a practice related to one of the most popular body locations when talking about women’s tattoo. Of course, it is also appreciated by men, especially at the calf, on the side or behind the leg. A tattoo on the ankle of a woman is often very sexy and attractive, the ankle being a very sensual body place.

Even if denuding one’s ankles is a commonplace act today, it could be considered a great lack of modesty in some more prudish times. At the symbolic level, the ankle is an articulation that represents the progression and correctness of the acts undertaken, especially in the case of acts performed in pairs, as well as the rooting of acts in a global logic of the perception of life.

An ankle tattoo can therefore be a symbol of love and commitment, rooted with fluidity, in a fit with the needs and desires of the deep self.

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Ankle tattoo used to highlight its femininity

The area of ??the ankle is particularly well adapted to the tattoo in the sense that it is located at the intersection of the leg and the foot, and allows to harmoniously accentuate and delimit a joint. It is also possible to consider making the connection between the ankle and the foot possible thanks to the tattoo.

Many people opt for this choice, especially women, in whom the foot is a particularly erotic area and used to highlight its femininity, the tattoo on the ankle extends then on the foot for a tattoo marrying with fashion And style of shoes, sandal or barefoot chosen.

The tattoo type of ankle bracelet is very appreciated, it can replace in an original way the practice of using jewelry, small chains that are attached around the ankles. Opinions diverge concerning the tattoo at the ankle: very sexy to the taste of some, it can be considered very vulgar for others.

Since it is a tattoo often very fashionable and trendy, it is better for some to test the wearing of jewelry of ankles and to confront the look that the society frequented on this style before deciding for a tattoo Of ankle bracelet, much more definitive.

Indeed, the tattoo remains for life, which is particularly painful morally for people too prone to ephemeral modes when comes the moment of weariness: the tattoo is not an easy to remove jewelry.

The most common patterns for a female tattoo at the ankle are tattoos of butterflies and other animals: frogs, lizards, cats and cat paws, dolphins … interlaced flowers, roses, shooting stars, chains with rosaries and small Catholic cross.

The tribal tattoo on the ankle is often either a classic black tribal bracelet or a Polynesian pattern, which often goes down to the foot, especially in men where it also goes up the calf

The tattoo on the ankle is not very painful, but it all depends on the exact area pricked. As soon as the thickness of the skin diminishes, the flesh is less thick and the pain intensifies, although it remains very subjective and depends on the capacity of resistance to the pain of each one.

The most painful area for a tattoo on the ankle is the malleolus, the ball located on the outside of the ankle, and to a lesser extent inside is indeed a rather sensitive area. The top of the kick is also a painful zone to be tattooed, and that the more one goes down on the foot approaching the nerve endings.

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The models of ankle tattoos, and personal patterns chosen for this body location are usually small. The pain will therefore be shorter in duration, and generally does not persist beyond 48 hours. To get an ankle tattoo, a single session is usually necessary, unless many colors are used or the tattoo goes down on the foot or goes up on the calf.

The larger the room, the more sore and “traumatized” the needle surface will be and is difficult to bear for sensitive people. The tattoo is a succession of stitches that requires a minimum of mental detachment during the session so as not to suffer too much.

The price of an ankle tattoo ranges on average between 60 and 100 euros depending on the size of the pattern, reputation, clientele, city, location and style of the tattoo artist, colors used. Going around the tattoo artists that hold your attention can be interesting if the pattern is chosen upstream.

Many stars, men and women, wear a tattoo at the ankle: from Nicole Richie to Rihanna, passing by Johnny Depp or Alyssa Milano

Here are some photos and designs for the ankle tattoo:



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