Arm Tattoo – Choose to get a tattoo on the arm

Far from the look “Popeye” or the head of eagle on the biceps, the tattoo on the arms (arm tattoo) or the forearms find today its letters of nobility. Old school symbols, lettering, Japanese cuffs … all tattoo styles can find place on your arms. You have questions about this phenomenon or you want to take action: read well what follows.

Why get an arm tattoo?

The arms are the symbol of activity and strength in Egyptian culture. It is also the opening towards the other, the one we want to hold in his arms. A tattoo on the left arm, the side of the heart, is a reflection of your deep emotions.

To make a tattoo on a single arm tattoo, is also to break the symmetrical body, and thus appropriate this one. Tattoo enthusiasts have always adorned their arms and forearms: think of all the pictures of sailors showing off their anchors!

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The arm tattoo, a location too visible?

The arms, especially the forearms, are often exposed parts of the body. As with a tattoo on the neck, neck or hands, think carefully before proceeding to the act.

Apparent tattoos are still not seen by many recruiters, especially if you are looking for a job in relation to the public. In general, for all jobs that require the wearing of a uniform (gendarmerie, police, army, hostesses, etc …), you will be asked to hide your tattoos.

It would be a shame to give up your professional ambitions for a little body ornament so think hard before. It is always possible to opt for a more discreet tattoo by tattooing it inside the arm or the forearm, it will only be visible when you open the arms.

The arm tattoo, a too masculine site?

If you are a girl, pay attention to big tattoos on the biceps, not really feminine. Many young ladies are nevertheless tattooed on their arms; The whole is to choose a pattern and a location adapted to your tastes and your morphology.

For men, the arm tattoo is probably less a problem. Nevertheless, the fact that this location is highly visible requires careful consideration of the design. Avoid too personal motives if you do not want to be constantly questioned about them. Recall that a tattoo is for life and that, no matter the location, it must be a well thought out act.

Even if there are not really any rules to choose a tattoo, do not hesitate to ask a professional tattooist for advice, he will probably answer all the questions you ask.