Awesome red rose tattoo

Much has already been written about flower tattoos on this site. We know that what flowers symbolize is, among other things, life, procreation, growth, inlcusive death and the subsequent rebirth. And while these types of tattoos are usually feminine, there is one in particular that is chosen by both men and women: red rose tattoo.

Red rose tattoo design

The red rose tattoos are the most popular among all the tattoos of flowers. In addition to what they represent by being flowers, in particular red rose tattoo symbolize pure love. And is there anything more universal than love? That’s why men and women from all over the world choose this tattoo, which can bring style and personality to create unique designs.

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One of the most important evidence that this is a unisex tattoo is the amount of rockers who have taken the red roses as emblems of their music. For example, the mythical band Guns and Roses.

And not only that shows that roses are not only a flower related to the delicate and fragile: these are also a symbol of martyrdom, for example when associated with the figure of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary.

Red rose tattoo designs can vary widely. I will share with you some ideas based on this motive, which are very different from each other, above all by their meanings:

Roses with thorns: sacrifice
Dark red roses: exotic and unconscious beauty
Coral Red Roses: Desire
Bouquets of Red Roses: Celebration of a Birth
Be that as it may, red rose tattoos look very attractive and are always a guaranteed success.

Pictures of red rose tattoo