Barcode tattoos – a critique of current society

We are merchandise. When I thought about doing a post talking about barcode tattoos, I came to mind that sentence with which I started this paragraph. And is that a well-known Spanish researcher usually uses it and the truth, reason does not lack. Nowadays, in modern society the citizens of a foot are practically that, pure commodity. It is, in part, for this reason that they have spread this type of tattoos.

The truth is that no one knows very well when we started to tattoo barcodes on the skin, but in the vast majority of people, they do it as a social criticism about the system of life that we carry. And is that today, “everything has a price.” Or rather, we live in the consumer society.

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Barcode Tattoos Style

It is also said that barcode tattoos denote an anti-capitalist essence. And is that for many people, we are mass-produced, cataloged and labeled. While and leaving the class struggle as this is not a political blog, there are people who simply tattoo a bar code for fun. In most cases, they end up repenting.

To this day we can say that barcode tattoos have gone out of style. They had their particular bum just as it did with the tribal ones, the bangles of thorns or the tattoos moríes. And you, what do you think about this type of tattoos? Check out the gallery below.

Pictures of Barcode Tattoos