Belly tattoo design ideas

Trend particularly fashionable and attracting thousands of followers, tattooing is an art form that counts unconditional in the female. Whether it’s giving her body a touch of extra sex appeal or even literally “engraving in the flesh” a symbol, women will always find more than one reason to get tattooed and more than one Plot of skin to accommodate a tattoo.

The belly, is part of the zones of predilections where will niches the latter. Why ? What are the risks ? What types of tattoos adopt for this area of ??the body and what celebrities have taken this risk?.

Belly tattoo – a trick of sexy seduction

Due to the flat surface it offers, and because it is associated with femininity in its quintessence, the belly is particularly appreciated to accommodate tattoos. Two areas of this body zone are mainly affected by the practice: the side of the belly and the bottom of the belly.

Needless to say, a stylish and professionally executed tattoo will always attract attention and create desire, whether it is on the side or on the bottom of the belly.

The Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie proves it every day. Intimate, and discreet at will when hidden under a garment, a woman belly tattoo can quickly turn into a tomb-male when it is fully unveiled, by an example bikini, or turn heads when it is partially hidden, the tattoo Sexy par excellence in short!

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Tips for Your Belly Tattoo

Sensual, elegant, sexy, it can also be considered vulgar by some, so much the area where it is executed is considered intimate. However, these are not the only disadvantages inherent in running the belly tattoo woman. Indeed, the woman’s belly is an elastic area quickly subject to deformities, due to a maternity or a grip (or a loss of weight).

These deformations are not without affecting the shape of the tattoo and a reason Sexy, or (seducer) can quickly become unformed or horrible (literally!) With a few extra pounds (or less). Therefore it is important to make sure that one is ready to make all the sacrifices that the wearing of such a tattoo requires.

Unfortunately, this does not stop the addition of the disadvantages since a tattoo may be inconvenient in the context of carrying out a surgical intervention since it can obscure the visibility of the practitioner and hence complicate the progress of the surgery. ‘surgery.

If one is ready to overcome these inconveniences, it remains only to ask the question what type of belly tattoo would suit your belly.