Biomechanical tattoo – the biomecan style

Biomechanical tattoo is a style mixing mechanical, biological and organic motifs and elements, inspired in particular by the imagery of science fiction. The very realistic integration of this mixture aims to give the illusion of a reality distorted and adapted to a projection often futuristic. Some biomechanical tattoo, or biomechanics, aim to give the impression by effects of shade, relief and depth, that the tattoo is under the skin, or tears it in places.

Biomechanical tattoo meaning

There are several orientations, more or less mechanical and oriented “Cyborg”: a robotic side covered by human tissues more or less deep and gifts more or less apparent in the tattoo. Some biomecas tattoos can also be qualified as bio-organic, in the sense that they use less “metallic” curves and look more like human tissues mixed with extraterrestrial tissues for example.

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A theme often found in these tattoos biomecas is that of destruction, self-destruction, the “end of the world” side, sometimes morbid, sometimes utopian. There are also some Japanese inspirations in the tattoo, the tattoos reproducing in an increasingly innovative and detailed way robotic components that can be found in certain characters of japanimation like the méchas in the Gundam saga for example.

Tattoo artists practicing biomechanical tattoo often go a long way in researching the choice of their motifs and go so far as to imagine concepts very close to scientific biomechanics (development of prostheses designed to recreate the human movement of the limbs). Among the big names are the American Paul Booth, specialist in morbid horror and biomechanics in black and white, Guy Aitchinson or Aaron Cain, more focused on the organic in bright colors.

This tattoo style is also inspired by the futuristic universe of Alien, Terminator, fantasy and sci-fi artists such as H.R. Giger, Frank Frazetta …

A small bible of the biomechanical universe (not only in the tattoo but in art in general).