Biomechanical tattoos – all about biomechanics

The biomechanical tattoos (or biomeca) is an abstract work incorporating mechanical parts and components.

Biomechanical tattoo desain

The biomechanical tattoos style incorporates mechanical, organic and biological components. It may be made to give the impression that the pattern is under the skin or tear it.

It is a tattoo style widely present in the cyberpunk community and draws heavily from the world of science fiction. This particular style is notably in vogue by the work of recovery.

The components of the bicomecanical tattoo

The biomechanical tattoo as its name suggests consists of mechanical, organic and biological patterns. Science fiction remains his best source of inspiration.

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Original tattoo style, the biomeca tattoo aims to make apparent an imaginary mechanical process so that it is imagined under the skin or inside the human body. The wearing of this type of tattoo is thus at the cross between the human appearance and cyborg. The tattoo refers to the myth of machine man or bionic man, popular in science fiction movies.

Biomeca-style processes are often the same. The robotic mechanisms of the tattoo are suggested by a false tear with a trompe l’oeil effect. Obviously, it is essential to use the best tattoo artists to obtain the best visual effect possible.

The quality of the shadows and reliefs are such that the tattoo seems literally to come out of the skin.

There are also several different styles within the biomechanical tattoo:

  • the cyborg which is more oriented towards robotics covered by human tissues
  • bio-organic which mixes human tissues and extraterrestrial tissues

Some examples pict of biomechanical tattoos: