Black and white tattoo – artistic gray gradients

Tattoo technique is widely used and used in various popular tattoo styles such as biomechanical tattoo for example, black and white tattoo, also called black and gray from the almost exclusive use of artistic gray gradients is a style that Allows tattoos of a high visual quality.

The tattoo in black and gray gradient is particularly suited to tattoo designs of large size requiring numerous details excavated. The more “classy” side of this style compared to the colors of the old school tattoo for example, allow the most talented and specialized tattoo artists in this style to realize real works of art on the skin.

Like the black and white photo rendering, the black and white tattoo is a style that gives an enormous amount of depth to the patterns, the level of the various gradients being practically infinite. The different levels of gray depend on the dilution rate of the black ink in the water used to create various shades and thus play on shadows and relief levels.

The black and gray tattoo uses mainly black ink, the most common in the tattoo, although there are also white and gray inks that can be used for this style of pattern. Black and white tattoo usually have a longer lifespan than color tattoos, whose vividness fades faster than black ink. Gray gradients also have a good lifespan, even if they smooth and skate over time.

The biomechanical tattoo, the morbid horror style of the American Paul Booth, the portrait, and the realistic black and white tattoo as practiced by Stéphane Chaudesaigues, Manu tattoo by Chalon in champagne or Nicko by Metal ink tattoo in Trevoux are good examples Depth and detail of a black and white tattoo.

Photos of Black and White Tattoo