Black light tattoo – Amazing tattoos that shine under the black light

Black light tattoo. There are tattoos that captivate for their original style (as happens with the polka trash) and others who do it for their innovative techniques. Fluorescent tattoos, also known as UV or black light tattoos, are defined by their most striking feature: they shine under UV light.

Fluorescent inks have gained popularity because they allow adding a special touch to a tattoo. Whether in large pieces or in more discrete designs, UV tattoos are an out of the ordinary option. There are two ways to use them: on a tattoo to highlight some of its parts or to create “invisible” Black light tattoo.

Black light tattoo Ideas

As these types of inks are of recent use, their possible long-term effects on the body are still unknown, as explained by Tattoodo. At the moment, it is only known that some skins react by allergies or rejections as they would in front of other inks. So keep that in mind before you get a tattoo, especially if it’s the first one.

One factor that you must also take into account is that the UV effect will diminish with the passage of time. In addition, the application of these inks requires a more meticulous work under a black light, which increases the chances of ending up with a scar.