Blackout tattoo: the style chosen by Leo Messi for his new tattoo

It is well known by many that Leo Messi, the great star of the FC Barcelona soccer team is a good fan of the world of ink and body art. In his body he counts on an important amount of tattoos of all type. Both in arms and legs. However, the latest tattoo that has become the football player is giving much to talk about. And it is that it is a blackout tattoo, a very controversial style.

After his reappearance in training with Argentina, Leo Messi wore his new blackout tattoo on his left leg. As we can see in the comparative image in which we are shown how the tattoos looked on that leg previously, we realize that it has maintained some of the previous elements as the number “10” that refers to its dorsal and a ball.

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Blackout Tattoo – Leo Messi

Comparison of Leo Messi’s new blackout tattoo. To the left how it had before, and to the right the result of the new tattoo.
The blackout tattoo style has been popularized in recent years by being used by many ink lovers to cover old tattoos with which they were not happy. A kind of style to perform cover ups. And this is precisely what has been speculated from Argentina, that Leo Messi was not very happy with his previous tattoos and that is why he has “transformed” them into this black sea.

On the other hand and unlike what it may seem, the blackout tattoo is very complicated to do, because to make black is even should spend a lot of time. By having a lot of ink load, you are also likely to need one more hand of black to be able to completely cover the color you tattooed in the area that we are trying to cover. You should also take into account other factors such as the skin type or the healing process of the client and the care that gave the tattoos you now want to cover with the black color.


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