Blackout tattoos: Do they have any type of health hazard?

Not many days ago, blackout tattoos, a style of tattoos that is in full boom, returned to the front of specialized media and other generalists because it was the technique chosen by Leo Messi to cover several of his tattoos. The popular soccer player of Argentine origin used this style to make a kind of cover-up. Now, along with its unstoppable boom, we also find a greater number of critical voices about this style.

Although many times when it is time to cover a tattoo with another (technique known as cover up) has always been played with the own tattoo that you want to hide or hide under a new one, just a few years ago is becoming popular tattoo large part of Body in black to cover old tattoos or, directly, play with large blocks of this color to create great shapes.

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But do they have any kind of danger to our health? As we have said before, there are more and more tattooists and specialists/health professionals who point out that blackout tattoos can be detrimental to health. Now, before we are alarmed, let us go into detail and, as a certain meme might say, that circulates on the net, “let us calm down.”

Blackout tattoos can mask skin abnormalities

And it is logical, this type of using exclusively black tone to tattoo a kind of solid block of color on a large part of our body, will not let us see possible changes in our skin and or the appearance of blemishes as well as other problems that may Even derive in melanomas. However, it is not a problem of the tattoo itself, but that it hides some of these changes that can manifest our body alarming us that we have a health problem.

Therefore, and in line with the quoted in the previous paragraph, this type of tattoos can also make it difficult for medical checks. Especially as far as dermatology is concerned. Obviously there are many factors like the black tint (if it is darker or clearer) and the place where it has been tattooed.

Another thing to keep in mind is the composition of the ink itself with which we are going to tattoo ourselves. If it is composed of some toxic element or to which we can have some kind of allergic reaction, we must be very sure, since we are going to inject in our skin large amounts of black ink. It is clear that to prevent and avoid possible health problems, when tattooing, even blackout tattoos, we should avoid tattooing sensitive elements of our skin as moles.