Blue roses tattoo: symbols of the impossible

The symbolism that is often attributed to the blue rose tattoo is that of beauty. In fact, in general terms, this meaning is usually related to almost all roses, regardless of their color.

However, as for the blue rose itself, what it represents is peculiar and interesting: it is said that blue roses are a symbol of fantasy and at the same time of impossibility.

These symbolisms in the blue rose tattoo specifically, have much to do with the fact that roses of this color do not grow naturally, but at the whim of Man, by manipulating their pigmentation.

Blue rose tattoo represent

It is so for many it represents hope, the hope that something different or miraculous happens, is a symbol that the impossible can happen or said otherwise, that nothing is impossible in reality. To conclude, I would like to make a clarification regarding the blue rose tattoo: it is not a purely feminine design.

Contrary to what you might imagine, blue rose tattoos are the most popular choice for men, while red roses tattoos, for example, are the women’s favorite choice. So, if you have any bias regarding this design, you can forget it.

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It is remarkable how well the blue roses look on the male body, especially when incorporated into other designs. In addition, there are several options and one can achieve a really creative tattoo. Now if, in case you have any doubts, start with the tour and enjoy these excellent blue rose tattoo.