Bride lists: tricks to create the best

In an ideal world, your guests would be right with the objects they need to equip their kitchen, living room or dining room but the reality is different. This is due to the success of the bride lists. Which are more successful even if you consider the following.

Bride list manage

It is possible that your future mother-in-law or dear mother is still excited by the idea of ??the sender in the marriage parties address to which their virtual guests should send their wedding gift. This does not stop being a charming tradition for many couples, but let’s face it, nowadays it is a singular custom that little by little has remained in the past.

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There are several options to manage your wedding gifts, such as the bride lists. Thus, it is up to the future spouses to choose, apart from the decoration for marriage, the menu, the music or the model of the marriage cake, the list with the things that represent the greatest benefits, so before making a decision We share the tricks to prefer the one that best suits your expectations and needs. Ready?

What is a wedding list?

It is a kind of wish list where your guests can choose and give them those things they like or need the most. It will only be necessary to create your list and share it with your guests so they can participate. The main motivator of the future spouses to adhere to one of these lists is that they can forget about the sender on their marriage card and not receive repeated gifts or styles opposed to each other or confronted with their own.

When to perform

In general, from 4 to 6 months you should start planning this task. To inform guests they can attach in the wedding section the instructions on how to access quickly and easily to their list that will be published on their marriage website. In this way, those who attend will be able to see the things that you are excited about or would like to have in your new home.

Make an inventory of gifts

But before submitting to the signing of a wedding list it is better to prepare an inventory with the objects they already have and what they would need to implement their home. To have everything equipped, because they are couples living together or wanting to donate their guests for other purposes such as their honeymoon trip, should be communicated in those elegant marriage parties.

Delivery of gifts

Before adhering to any of these lists make sure if this includes the home delivery of the presents acquired by your guests. To have minimum amounts as a condition also, since the transfer of large furniture will require a special mobility that suddenly do not have time to hire or even budget to solve.

Changes or refunds

Like any purchase, it must be subject to changes or refunds if it is in poor condition or not to the liking of the couple. Remember to handle the dates and the type of management.

Exchanges for trips or hotel reservations

It is widespread today that couples prefer experiences to the detriment of material gifts. So if you are thinking of a dream honeymoon but do not have a budget, it is time to consider a list of honeymooners / honeymooners.

Exchange terms

It is very important to know the waiting period for the exchange of gifts, in some cases it can be up to 12 months after the marriage.

Bonuses for reaching minimum amounts

With the desire to get more subscribers, these houses consider minimum amounts that, when surpassed, suppose a prize for the couple. In some cases reservations at luxury hotels or even honeymoon trips.

In addition to facilitating the search of the present ideal to their friends and family, the wedding lists have become a trend for many couples, who give themselves without qualms to comfort. From a Smartphone or computer, they follow up on them, and they allow themselves to thank their guests almost in real time.

Can there be something better? What if, now that your future husband and you start to manage the list, take a look at the trend or the flowers most used in the bouquets of the bride lists other regions that are of interest to you. With this you can define if you will wear in your wedding hairstyle a crown with flowers or a headdress that matches your bridal style.