Butterfly Tattoo Model and Significance

The butterfly tattoo is one of the favorite patterns of women, although it is also used by men. This is a tattoo pattern suitable for many colors like black and white tattoo. The representation of the butterfly is very flexible in the style and design of the tattoo insofar as it can be depicted in various ways, whether in flight, emerging from its chrysalis, or seen from above with the wings spread out. The butterfly tattoo has always been a very common tattoo model because of its very strong and very positive symbolism

The butterfly tattoo will often be a small pattern, ideal for the top of the foot or a tattoo on the neck, the inside of the wrist, neck, lower back, but it can also be declined in a broader form: Symmetry of the wings of the butterfly allow the tattoo on all the back, on the arm and shoulders, breasts and belly.

Butterfly tattoo represent

One can also choose to represent butterflies in groups, with the tattoo of a flight of butterflies on the hips, or of butterflies placed on a branch of a tree, a blade of grass, leaves, flowers and other related motifs To nature. We find the butterfly tattoo in different styles of tattoo: from conceptual tribal to hyper-realistic in colors or gray gradients, to the tattoo of Celtic butterfly, many types allow to adapt the pattern of the butterfly to its Varied tastes.

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The feminine side, graceful of the symbolism of the butterfly makes a tattoo very common among many female stars, like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears or Drew Barrymore for example. Its widespread popular side today make it an almost too common motif because seen and revised, and it is difficult to find an original butterfly tattoo pattern in various tattoo catalogs and tattooists’ books.


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