Cancer Tattoo – symbolic of the astrological sign of Cancer

The astrological sign of Cancer (from 22 June to 22 July), is the first summer sign of the zodiac. Linked to the moon and represented by a circular symbol, it consists of two prolonged circles of a tail, which resemble two inverted ones. This symbol is generally linked to a central notion: it is the heart of things, with a creative, protective and nourishing virtue close to maternal symbolism: the symbol represents also the animal that is the crab, with its oval body And its two clamps.

The crab is a crustacean that can live at the bottom of the seas, or under the sand, reclusive and hidden from view: an aquatic animal linked to traits such as internalization, protection of the carapace, representing the house and the family cocoon , The primal instinct, the vegetative life. The cancer symbol is very much related to the mother-child relationship and to the conception. He is strongly attached to family ties, the world of childhood and the past in general. Lunar and aquatic sign, governed by two poles which are found in the symbol of cancer tattoo, and which can make think of the sun and the moon, two different but complementary stars.

Cancer tattoo – marked by dreams and a great imagination

Cancer is a soothing sign associated with sensitive and sentimental characters, marked by dreams and a great imagination. It is a symbol that can have an erotic connotation because of its visual nature linked to the number 69, but which is also related to notions of infinity. Choosing a tattoo motif to represent its belonging to the sign of Cancer is sometimes difficult, as the word is overwhelmed by the mortal disease most prevalent in contemporary man.

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It is generally more appropriate to opt for a symbolic representation: this is where the symbol of the two circles intervenes, since it is a rather discreet and subtle representation for a tattoo of the sign of cancer. It is indeed more rare to be tattooed a crab, which will have either a somewhat ridiculous connotation, the crab not being a particularly attractive animal, having a popular reputation as a small fearful animal defending itself using its pliers.

The crab is rarely considered enjoyable, although it can benefit from some sympathy capital when it is dissociated from its medical symbolic linked disease to which it gave its name: cancer. The word Cancer, from Greg Carcinos (crab, crayfish, dunce, cancer, chancre) is also linked to the term “cacos” (bad, dirty in ancient Greek). Astrology retains this duality of meaning between animal and harmful thing.

In a cancer tattoo, choosing a crab motif must be accompanied by genuine artistic work: choosing a representation via a realistic tattoo will quickly make you look like a lover of the underwater, while a tattoo Of crab old school or in the form of drawing will have a rather light effect, the crab being a secondary character relatively common in cartoon. In this form of comic strip, it will be more suitable for women, followers of a small tattoo on the neck, on the hips, or on the back of the back, or even on parts of the body more moose than behind the ear or on the Hand for example.

The cancer tattoo symbol can also be very feminine, ambivalent and discrete if it is well located. For a more masculine cancer or crab tattoo, it is of course possible to use a stylized tribal representation. The top: the tattoo style horror morbid to the Paul Booth, with an “improved” crab, made more aggressive and dominating with enormous clamps, or use biomechanical tattoo codes to make it more original: a biomechanical crab tattoo Well piqué could use an entire back

At the level of characterology, the natives of the sign of cancer are generally very sensitive and sentimental, attracted by a personal life and family blossoming, in search of harmony. They are attributed a very maternal and protective nature, in love as in friendship. Very open and sociable, always ready to help others, they are also very loyal. Attracted by a quiet and simple life protected from the eddies, they are personalities very instinctive and emotional.

At the level of defects, the native of cancer may have a tendency to avoid conflict and to revel in a certain form of cowardice through inaction. He can also be whimsical and inflexible when things do not please him. Cancer is an astral sign linked to the heart and the breast, subject to great nervousness when the daily shrinks in the unexpected. Fifth sign of the zodiac, cancer is a compassionate being, whose adaptation to the world of work is often difficult, due to a great internalization and its need for serenity.

Amorous Compatibility of the astrological sign of Cancer: Fish, Taurus, Virgo and Scorpion
Incompatibility: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Aries and Lion
Stone: Pearl
Color: black and white, silver-blue
Planet: The Moon
Some celebrities and celebrities with cancer for sign of the zodiac: Bill Cosby, Henry VIII, Nelson Mandela, Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, Dan Aykroyd, Lady Diana, Mike Tyson, Jules Cesar, Ringo starr, Estée Lauder, , Gina Lollobrigida.