Capricorn tattoo, symbolic of the astrological sign of capricorn

 The astrological sign of the capricorn (from December 22 to January 20), linked to the planet Saturn and represented by a goat, is linked to traits of dominant characters such as stability, reason, austerity and realism. The symbol that represents capricorn in astrology is probably the most complex sign of the horoscope visually: by far it resembles the chain of the two letters “V” and “S” linked. It could be described as a kneeling goat (the letter V, with the unique attachment to the ground and the head of the goat on the letter S, whose curves would represent the horns).

The symbol is also similar to a letter Z whose bottom would be terminated by a curvature forming a closed loop with the point passing over the loop and ending in a point like a tail. Capricorn has several symbolic representations: one of them corresponds to the representation of Greek mythology, related to Aegipan, the son of Zeus and a nymph, who had recourse to a form of chimerical beast, animal half goat Half fish: a head and forelegs of goat, and a bottom of the body of fish, similar to that of a siren. Capricorn is a winter sign strongly linked to the rigor and coldness of the winter solstice, which is partly reflected in the characterology of the natives of this astral sign.

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Capricorn is an astrological sign full of seriousness and rigor. Linked to parsimonious choices of life to a certain conformist phlegm, it is therefore little represented in tattooing contrary to signs more solar and warm. To have a capricorn tattoo inked, one must accept to set aside his disciplined inclinations to bear high the colors of the qualities linked to the sign of Capricorn, like perseverance, fidelity, ambition and capacity of concentration.

Choosing a Capricorn tattoo motif involves choosing from among its various symbolic representations, whether by this symbol so peculiar and hardly recognizable to most people, by a representation of the mythological beast or by one of its derivatives, or by One of the many adaptations realized graphically by specialists of the horoscope. To be tattooed a capricorn can not have any meaning other than that of assuming the paternity of its astrological sign so much the representation of this mythical animal is related to the zodiac in the collective culture

In a capricorn tattoo, the choice of motif is very broad: the symbol itself is visually very rich, working graphically in several directions, both vertically and horizontally. It adapts well to an association with the symbol representing Saturn: a cross overhanging a curved line similar to the sign of the capricorn.

These variants may, for example, be accompanied by Celtic runes or lines of writing in Latin, for example. One can also imagine the addition of Roman numerals to a tattoo of the symbol of the capricorn. This type of tattoo is particularly suited to a forearm for example, which will often fit perfectly for a male version of capricorn tattoo.

For women, the choice will be more for a shoulder, the back of the ear, the neck or the inside of the wrists and the back of the neck, or even the bottom of the kidneys.

Capricorn tattoo mythological representation

For the foolhardy who are not afraid to take the risk that their tattoo is seen as a simple goat tattoo of goat, goat, ibex or mouflon, a more horned representation is possible: it will be necessary to choose between two biases Graphic: the stylized tribal tattoo symbol of capricorn, clearly identifiable as part of the signs of the zodiac, which will often imply a lack of originality, or a more mythological representation of the chimeric animal, in the form of a fresco representing it to Midway between the goat and the fish: A more old school version can have a not inconsiderable effect. Attention however to the fact that few people know this mythological origin, which can be the price to pay for an original and personal tattoo of capricorn.

Capricorn is a taciturn and introverted being who seeks success through strong realism, perseverance and perfectionism making it difficult to satisfy. To achieve completeness, the capricorn will work in rigor, which can lead him to window an austere existence and to confer a certain coldness in its social relations. Frequently abandoning his leisure, this social life which he judges futile and superficial, he will act with ambition, method, organization and patience.

His confidence in him is naturally strong, he is serious and thoughtful and avoids conflicts. When it happens to suffer a moral decay, it can easily fall into the room of apathy, melancholy and uncertainty. He will make his fellows pay for this lack of confidence in him by an avid, sly and domineering attitude to defend himself from his own shyness and latent modesty.

He is attributed a symbolism of austerity and coldness, but also of calm discipline and solid determination. The native of the tenth sign of the zodiac is easily won by loneliness, in which he can find salvation and recharge.

Calculator and persevering, ambitious, practical, cautious and realistic, Capricorn is perceived as cold and hard at first. On the other hand, he can benefit from his loyalty, his loyalty and his pure and uncompromising frankness, according to his encounters and his ability to take advantage of his maturity to attain balance. Basically honest, Capricorn is a being full of tenderness behind his apparent rigidity that protects him, and a person over whom his loved ones can count unconditionally, despite a tendency to avarice and his pragmatic side sometimes boring and lacking in fantasy.