Car tattoo: the sticker tuning

Car tattoo. Tuning is a way to customize your car, in order to give it a unique look and style. By this aspect, it is partly approaching the tattoo. Many models of stickers for car special tuning borrow a lot from the world of tattooing.

In fact, many tuning enthusiasts, sometimes referred to by the Jacky appellation (special mention to the site Jacky Touch, monument of the humor on the web), kéké or other affectionate quips, are also tattooed fans.

Without going so far as to put parallel the mistakes of taste sometimes common to both universes, tuning and tattoo have some common points that connect them.

Car Tattoo Ideas

In the United States, for example, many tattoo conventions also feature demonstrations of beautiful, colorful personal bodies. The old school tattoo patterns are also often very related to the automotive world: beautiful cars and pin-ups, flames …

The stickers for cars are tuning accessories very sought after by our friends Jacky, to be classified in the same category as the retro dice and the moumoute steering wheel: a cheap tuning accessory that impacts much the visual effect that a car can make.

If many stickers vynil allow to pass messages informative (bad boy, 100% tuning …) they can also be more visual and have a real graphic interest.

The most commonly used car stickers are rally style bands and flames on the sides, wings or hood. Apart from these motifs, many self-stickers feature motifs inspired by tribal tattoos, which adapt particularly to the lines of a car as to those of the body.

Tribal motifs are generally simple and modern motifs, rarely inspired by Polynesian tataus or Maori mokos, more elaborate and less adapted to this use.

Apart from this common choice of an auto-tribal sticker, there are alternatives, widespread months and also less “beaufs”, with patterns of sketches more design and contemporary, which borrow more to the interior decoration and the world of the Wall stickers and the very special tuning universe.

Customizing a car with design stickers is a way to ride in a car that looks like you. It is in this sense that we can compare this practice with that of tattooing, as well as in some motives very similar to what one finds on the skin of an immense majority of tattoos: flowers, butterflies, birds, Branches, tribal, flames. Many websites offer these stickers for sale, as well as most brands specializing in tuning.

The Car tattoo, in parallel, borrows also from the world of the automobile: to make tattoo two patterns symmetrically on two shoulders or two calves is indeed a common practice.

You can even find tattoos that go so far as to make car tattoo that bring them closer to a body style, perhaps the most famous example being Tim Commerford, the bassist of the Rage Against The Machine, who is also A great car fan. Here are some examples of stickers, or car tattoos.


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