Carmelo Anthony tattoo – New York Knicks

Carmelo Anthony tattoo. NBA player New York Knicks and former Denver Nuggets Carmelo Anthony, 3rd pick draft in 2003, the same year that a certain Lebron James is one of the most effective and complete current scorers of the league. His former Nuggets team includes other famous tattoo players, including Chauncey Billups (who accompanied him in his transfer to New York in 2011), Earl Smith III told J. R. Smith, and Chris “the Birdman” Andersen. Carmelo Anthony carries on the skin a growing number of tattoos, of which here is a summary summary.

On the left arm: an inflamed basketball, a bulldog playing cards with 5 Aces, his nickname “Melo” in Gothic letters. He wears many tattoos in Gothic letters on the body, not always very readable: “When the grass is cut the snake will show”, Loyalty, Honesty, Blessed and Delivered Loyalty, Honesty, Blessed and Delivered). Inscriptions on a parchment adorn his chest, on the heart, below a gangsta style writing collar

On the right arm: a basketball tattoo with its initials C & A, two masks, usually meaning “Smile Now Cry Later”, one of the masks smiling and the ” Other crying. At Melo, the second mask worthy of a halloween disguise has a dagger planted in the head with the inscription “live now, die later”. On his elbow, a spider web and the name Kiyan, his middle name, on a checkerboard. His tattoos on the arms, which were previously scattered pieces, are now linked by this checkerboard, or even flames, in order to constitute integral tattoos.

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On the chest, Carmelo Anthony carries several tattooed sentences of which “No Struggle, No Progress”, which he realized after having undergone failures in playoffs

The WB Warner Bros logo hijacked: “WB” on the left shoulder for West Baltimore. It could also mean “No snitchin Warn Brotha”, a kind of warning against scales, in American slang

On the forearm Carmelo Anthony tattoo of a snake wrapped around a dagger, with stars, the inscription “Many” in Gothic letters and on the hand the tattoo of the Puerto Rican flag. On the upper arm the phrase “Who can I trust? (“To whom can I trust?”)

Carmelo Anthony’s tattoos in pictures: