13 Health benefits of moringa

Moringa, also called tree of life or white wattle, is a medicinal plant that has a large amount of vitamins and minerals, such as iron, carotenoids, quercetin, vitamin C, among others, which provide greater antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. For this… Continue Reading


Kale juice to fight bone pain

Kale juice is an excellent home remedy for bone pain as it is rich in calcium which, in addition to strengthening bones, helps to reduce pain and heal fractures more quickly and is therefore especially indicated in the case of… Continue Reading


Old cinnamon tea: what is it for and how to make it

The old cinnamon, with scientific name Miconia Albicans is a medicinal plant belonging to the family Melastomataceae, which can reach about 3 meters in height, which can be found in the tropical regions of the world. This plant has analgesic,… Continue Reading


Home remedy for reduce inflammation

A great home remedy to relieve joint pain and reduce inflammation is the use of herbal tea with sage, rosemary and horsetail. However, eating watermelon is also a great way to prevent the development of joint problems. See also: Brazilian… Continue Reading


Brazilian orchid tree : What it is for and How to use it

The Brazilian orchid tree is a medicinal plant, also known as hand-of-cow or ox-claw, popularly known as natural remedy for diabetes, but it lacks scientific proof of this fact in humans. The Brazilian orchid tree is a Brazilian tree with… Continue Reading


Bitter melon: what it is for and how to use it

Bitter melon is a medicinal plant that is widely used in the treatment of problems related to diabetes and skin problems. The scientific name of this medicinal plant is Momordica charantia, and the fruit of this plant is characterized by… Continue Reading


Soursop tea: what it is for and how to prepare it

Soursop tea is great for helping to treat diabetes and hypertension, but it can also help to reduce insomnia as it has sedative and calming properties. Despite having several health benefits, soursop tea should be consumed in moderation, as excessive… Continue Reading


How to Use Avocado Leaves Against Worms

Avocado is the avocado tree, also known as Abocado, Palta, Bego or Avocado, avocado leaves can be used as a medicinal plant to fight intestinal worms and treat skin problems, for example. To use avocado leaves to fight intestinal worms,… Continue Reading


6 simple tricks to relieve toothache

To relieve toothache it is important to identify what may be causing the pain, which may happen due to the rest of the food between the teeth, for example, being indicated in this case to floss and brush your teeth.… Continue Reading


7 Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

A good home remedy for high blood pressure is to drink blueberry juice daily or to consume garlic water, for example. In addition, various types of teas, such as hibiscus tea or olive leaves, also appear to have excellent antihypertensive… Continue Reading


6 home remedies for heartburn

An excellent home remedy for heartburn is to eat 1 toast or 2 cream crackers, as these foods absorb the acid that is causing the burning in the larynx and throat, decreasing the feeling of heartburn. Other options for relieving… Continue Reading


4 home remedies for vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge can be treated naturally with the use of guava leaf tea and through proper nutrition, as this helps the vaginal flora to return to normal. However, if the discharge persists even after 3 days of home treatment, it… Continue Reading


3 teas to clean the uterus

Teas to clean the uterus help to eliminate pieces of the endometrium, which is the lining of the uterus, after menstruation or after pregnancy. In addition, these teas can also be good for toning the uterine muscle, as they increase… Continue Reading


Tea and pregnancy

Teas are prepared with medicinal plants that have active substances and, therefore, although they are natural, they have a high potential to affect the normal functioning of the body. For this reason, the use of tea and pregnancy should be… Continue Reading


9 health benefits of chamomile tea

Helping with poor digestion, calming and reducing anxiety are some of the benefits of Chamomile tea, which can be prepared using the dried flowers of the plant or the sachets you buy at the supermarket. Chamomile tea can be prepared… Continue Reading