How to remove henna tattoo

To permanently remove a tattoo from the skin, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist to evaluate the size and colors of the tattoo and, thus, choose the best way to remove as much of the design as possible, avoiding… Continue Reading


How to relieve itchy tattoos

Relieve itchy tattoos. After about 1 week it is natural for a constant itchy sensation to appear at the tattoo site, which is caused by the appearance of the cones that dry and itchy skin. Thus, a good way to… Continue Reading


Inflamed tattoo: why it happens and what to do

The inflamed tattoo usually leads to the appearance of signs such as redness, swelling and pain in the area of ​​the skin where it was made, causing discomfort and concern that it may be a sign of something serious. However,… Continue Reading


Food and tattoo – 6 “oily” foods you shouldn’t eat when getting a tattoo

“Remosos” is a popular expression used to describe those foods that are more rich in fat, refined oils, sugars and salt and, therefore, are more likely to cause inflammation in the skin and interfere with the healing process. Such foods… Continue Reading


Tattoo care: what to do, how to wash and what to iron

After getting a tattoo it is very important to take care of the skin, not only to avoid a possible infection, but also to ensure that the design is well defined and the colors remain for many years. Therefore, tattoo… Continue Reading


Know the risks and care getting the tattoo

Getting the tattoo can be a risky decision for health because the inks used can be toxic, and depending on the tattoo artist and environmental conditions, there may not be the necessary hygiene for the procedure, increasing the risk of… Continue Reading


Flor Vigna Tattoo – Surprised her followers with a giant tattoo on her leg The actress showed the creation process, but made it clear that it was something temporary

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Dani Duke hidden tattoo – Dani Duke left his followers stumped with a hidden tattoo

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Brad Pitt tattoo collections – Brad Pitt showed his collection of tattoos on a paradise beach

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Triangle tattoos: many meanings in one form

The significance of triangle tattoos depends a lot on how they are designed. For example, if the triangle is located with its tip down, that is a female triangle. And, as you can imagine, in the opposite sense it is… Continue Reading

Infinity tattoo, eternal life or endless cycles

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Roman Numeral Tattoos – A fashion that never finished leaving

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The Best Tattoos For Couples Ideas

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How to Care for a Recent Tattoo

Choosing a good tattoo artist is essential to avoid taking risks while you get tattooed, but once that is completed the responsibility is yours to take care of the tattoo to facilitate healing and avoid infections. At we give… Continue Reading