Triangle tattoos: many meanings in one form

The significance of triangle tattoos depends a lot on how they are designed. For example, if the triangle is located with its tip down, that is a female triangle. And, as you can imagine, in the opposite sense it is… Continue Reading

Infinity tattoo, eternal life or endless cycles

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Roman Numeral Tattoos – A fashion that never finished leaving

Within the tattoo world there are several types of tattoos that people are more worried about what others do than their own life usually define as “a cani tattoo”. Yes, it is a very Spanish expression that our Latin American… Continue Reading


The Best Tattoos For Couples Ideas

Want to leave an eternal trace of your love on your skin? A good way to do this is to make an identical or complementary tattoo with your partner. More and more couples decide to tattoo proof of their love.… Continue Reading

How to Care for a Recent Tattoo

Choosing a good tattoo artist is essential to avoid taking risks while you get tattooed, but once that is completed the responsibility is yours to take care of the tattoo to facilitate healing and avoid infections. At we give… Continue Reading


Ed Sheeran tattoo – the singer has more than 60 tattoos

Talking about tattoo addiction is something that may sound like an argumentless statement. However, as I have commented in some articles about it and always trying to look for a satyr side, it is evident that there are certain people… Continue Reading


Color Dragon Tattoo Design

Dragon tattoo are ideal for both men and women, if you decide to make one the first thing you will have to think about is the size and the area of ??the body where you want to wear it. After… Continue Reading


Oriental dragon tattoo design

The dragon tattoo is a good choice for many because it conveys strength, struggle and power, 3 fundamental aspects that many people want in their lives. There are many types of dragons to choose from, but if there is one… Continue Reading


Chinese Letter Tattoos May Not Be a Good Idea

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Celtic Cross Tattoos Design

When it comes to tattoo designs that cause some pain and are permanent in the body, it is necessary to choose a design that really represents something that in our life is significant. Something that has an important ritual, that… Continue Reading


How to Hide a Tattoo With Makeup

Getting to Hide a Tattoo With Makeup can become a necessity at some point in your life. A simple drawing can give a false picture of you in a particular situation, for example, during a job interview. If you consider… Continue Reading


Old school heart tattoo: tattoo patterns

The Old school heart tattoo is with patterns of stars, flowers or skulls, one of the most common patterns of the traditional old school tattoo. The heart is indeed a very popular motif for its symbolic linked to love, which… Continue Reading


Old school cross tattoo, symbolic crosses and crucifix

Unlike primitive civilizations and their tribal beliefs, monotheistic religions generally have an unfavorable position vis-a-vis the practice of tattooing and bodily changes in general. Yet many believers, especially Catholics, choose a religious tattoo motif to symbolize their faith in God.… Continue Reading


Positive Tattoos to Avoid Bad Thoughts

Have you ever thought about getting a positive tattoo? When we talk about “positive tattoos“, we are encompassing all types of tattoos that have a symbolic load that convey a positive, motivating and joyful message. They are a type of… Continue Reading