Chest Tattoos Ideas

The main characteristic of the chest tattoos is that it is a wide surface, which leaves enough room for the tattoo artist to expand the design comfortably. That is why those who choose it usually seek reasons that can be loaded with details and displayed visibly, then show it with pride and, of course, with a well-opened chest.

Chest Tattoos motive design

Next, I’ll give you some ideas for chest tattoos, based on the motives that I’ve seen most located in that part of the body. For example, winged hearts are very popular in both men and women. Of course they could not miss the tribal classics; I dare say that is the design that always looks good in any part of the body.

Another idea for chest tattoos that does not fail is that of torn or open skins that reveal textures, such as reptile and leopard skin, or the costume of some famous superhero, such as Spiderman and Batman. This design is usually chosen by men, not so much by women. These prefer designs that incorporate figures of angels or the classic stars.

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Chest tattoos are often based on well symmetrical designs. That is, if it is a heart with spades nailed, the heart will be located in the center of the tattoo, and the swords will be distributed on each side, in equal quantities (two on one side and two on the other).

You can get more ideas for chest tattoos of the photos that we show you in the gallery below.