Chicano tattoos and their great significance

Perhaps some of you already know everything related to the so-called Chicano tattoos. But of course it is that another part may not be so clear. So today, we have set out to show you what these tattoos really are and what they entail.

Undoubtedly, they have great meaning and greater symbolism. For all this, they become more than indispensable and always, to take into account. Some designs are very popular especially in North America. Although each time, they are having more influence in other areas. Find out more about them!

Tattoos Chicanos, what is their origin?

These types of tattoos are all those designs that have a fundamental feature. The representation of those who are called Chicanos. This word is one of the most used to call people who migrate. In addition, they may also be those born in the US but came from some South American country. Above all, the most common source was from Mexico. Little by little, among them was established a kind of code that can be collected in the so-called Chicano tattoos. Own symbols that sum up much more than we think.

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What do we find in a Chicano tattoo?

In this way, we can say that all tattoos have details of their origin. This is for example, own phrases, religious symbols of the area or, some details that are related to the gang world and the drawings of arms or certain crimes in general. Of course, all these ingredients are made in a way that is more than real and perfect.

To do this, use black ink and avoid color. We can simply enjoy some drawings with a certain combination of grays, but always keeping these basic colors, without any additions. True, there can always be exceptions. The line is very thin and simple, although they always have a very realistic style. The great icons of Chicano life will be reflected in these types of tattoos.

The Meaning of Chicano Tattoos

Now that we know a little more about their provenance, we have named the most common designs, we must also know the meaning of them. One of the great meanings to see a style like this, is the great personality with which they count. Perhaps because we are integrating basic symbols of our culture, but in a more special way. In this way, each person can give him the finish he deems appropriate.

In addition, the Chicano tattoo is a symbol of identity. A way to identify without further additions. It is they who, when asked about the meaning of tattoos, comment that they are one of the best ways of communicating. Because it is not necessary to use words to communicate. They express what each person feels.

It is said that this meaning comes from the birth of a tattoo like this. It comes from the street and the most marginal areas. From those poor neighborhoods of the USA, where every day people are facing survival. Also, do not think there may be coincidences in Chicano tattoos. Each symbol has its own great meaning. It will tell a story that goes beyond a simple whim.

To make it even clearer, you can find both weapon designs and pink designs. In addition, cars are also widely seen in this type of tattoos. Everything that has to do with religion will also be the basis of a Chicano style. In addition, the clown faces and also the tears will have a value more than sentimental. Surely this way, you understand a little more this particular style but that has much more on your back.


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