Chihuahuas tattoos – History of the race

The Chihuahuas tattoos or chihuahueños; As it is really the official name of the breed of these funny dogs, they are very popular and popular among people who decide to wear dog tattoos. These are native to Mexico and take their name from the Mexican state of Chihuahua, where they were discovered.
These tattoos are usually very tender and mostly express the love that these unique animals awaken in people. Because of their disposition and bravado, the chihuahua is said to be a large dog enclosed in a small body because they seem to have no perception of its actual size; fact that sometimes results in injuries that can be fatal because they do not seem to fear fights with much larger dogs. In addition, they are characterized by their vivacious and alert nature, their devotion to their human relatives and their intelligence.

They usually have a long life of up to 18 years and are very adaptable to different family environments. The Chihuahuas tattoos tend to emphasize their large and expressive eyes, which seem to be one of the main responsible for the love they profess people.

History of chihuahuas tattoos

The Chihuahuas tattoos can refer to the history of the breed and in particular to the fact of declaring themselves proudly Mexican, although the origins of these dogs are not entirely clear. The history of the race seems to be intertwined with some figures and data that date back to the ancient Toltec Civilization.

According to these evidences, they seem to come from the techichi, a breed of small dogs that served as pets to these former owners of the Central Highlands. Despite this, there are other evidences that place the techichi much further back in Mexican history as early as the ancient Mayas.

Some archaeological discoveries scattered from Mexico to El Salvador have shown statuettes and figures that show images of small dogs with characteristics very similar to modern Chihuahuas.

From the descriptions found, the techichis were a bit larger, which led many people to do research to find the source of this reduction in height. Finally, the most corroborated hypothesis raises the possibility that the

Chihuahuas are the product of genetic crosses between the old techichis and dogs of toy breeds from Europe. The current Chihuahuas are easily recognizable by their small size and long, erect ears. Its fur defines the two varieties recognized by the AKC: the long hair and the short hair.

Meanings of Chihuahuas Tattoos

The meanings of chihuahuas tattoos bear many similarities to those of other dogs, they embody in a general way aspects such as: loyalty, fidelity, unconditional love, perception, freedom. To the particular case of these small dogs, an excessive value is added that is very inconsistent with their size.

The chihuahueños are puppies who like to live in clans formed by members of their own race, likewise, they usually make more fixation with one of their human relatives, with which they will be extremely jealous. These elements can be part of the meanings that are associated with the tattoos of Chihuahuas.

On the other hand, its long history as part of the traditions of the Mexican people, even being their ancestors among the highest classes of the great Mayan Civilization make them represent great sympathy and roots to the culture of the inhabitants of the northernmost part of America. Central. Some curiosities of the breed that makes them interesting for a tattoo.
Curiosities about the Chihuahuas

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The tattoos of Chihuahuas can also have a lot to do with facts and curiosities of this race that makes them very interesting creatures for people who feel great admiration for them and are at the same time lovers of this artistic manifestation. Then I leave some that can serve as inspiration when creating your design:

The chihuahueños, which is the official name of the breed, are listed as the smallest dogs in the world. What makes them very interesting when we want to represent the delicacy and tenderness that enclose all the small things. In the Guinness book, it has the record for the smallest dog with a copy of only 10 cm tall.

The name chihuahua with which the race is commonly known arose from the English language where the letter “ñ” does not exist.

In contrast to their small size they are very temperamental puppies, a paradox that is also exploited in order to accentuate the meanings associated with courage and disinterest.

This same characteristic of the race is what causes many times to tremble without being exposed to the cold because they are very excitable. According to the data and records of the breeds of dogs native to the American Continent, the Chihuahuas are the oldest.

They can live up to 18 years, which makes them one of the oldest dog breeds on the planet. It is one of the dog breeds that are born with the skull formed incompletely so it requires a delicate and careful treatment, especially during the first 6 months of life.

It is very common for them to be sensitive to the cold, which is why their owners turn them into models capable of wearing the most sophisticated clothing to protect them from the weather.

They occupy the number 30 among the most popular dog breeds on the planet according to AKC data. According to the descriptions allowed for the breed it is one of the most variations of colors can present.