Chinese Dragon Tattoos symbolism

For its engaging, detailed and complex figures, its enormous symbolism and its very particular aspect, Chinese dragons are excellent in tattoos, being in fact the most popular mythological animal in tattoos. Today I want to invite you to know briefly some aspects of this type of tattoo and enjoy a good selection of photos of Chinese dragon tattoos.

Well, the most important thing to note is that in Asia, the dragon implies benevolence, will and intelligence, and Chinese culture has taken it as a symbol of identity. In fact, the Chinese people are known around the world as “descendants of the dragon.”

Chinese dragon tattoos meaning

However, beyond this global meaning, there are different types of chinese dragon tattoo and each incarnates its symbolism. All this can be summarized as follows:

Dragon with horns, the most powerful.
Heavenly dragon, guardian and protector of the heavens and the gods.
Dragon of the earth, master and lord of all that happens there.
Spiritual dragon, wind and rain controller.
Treasure Dragon, guardian of precious metals.
Dragon with wings, the only one with the ability to fly.
Yellow dragon, wise and learned.

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In a nutshell, it should also be noted that unlike other dragons, such as the Norse or even the Japanese, chinese dragon tattoo are mostly exclusively male and are said to be related to number 9, as well as to rain and storms.

They represent intelligence, strength, good luck, health, harmony and benevolence. chinese dragon tattoos often look more ferocious than others, with snake-like bodies with well-defined scales covering the whole of their body. In addition, they possess amazing magical powers that practically turn them into deities.

Now, let’s move on to tattoos. Let’s start with this photographic tour and enjoy these excellent Chinese dragon tattoos that I selected for you. Do not forget that you can leave us your opinion or any concerns below, in our comments section.

Photo of Chinese dragon tattoos