Chinese Letter Tattoos May Not Be a Good Idea

A few months ago, my companion Maria Jose published an interesting article in which he told us several things to take into account to get a tattoo. Well this article could be related to the list of aspects to discuss before deciding on a type of tattoo. We are talking about Chinese letter tattoos. We could say that they are one of those tattoos that have done much damage since they lived their particular time of popularity.

Chinese Letter Tattoos Design

And there is no worse decision than getting a tattoo in a language that is unknown. Many were the people who got a tattoo with Chinese letters without knowing its meaning. Simply searching for a Spanish-Chinese “translator” on the internet and writing the desired word or phrase was more than enough reason to go to the nearest tattoo studio to translate the letter (s) that make up the Chinese alphabet in your skin.

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Over the years or when some of these people had contact with a person of Chinese origin, they could verify (almost for the most part) that the tattoo did not say what they thought. In part with this reason has arisen the blog Hanzismatter who is dedicated to receive photographs of tattoos of Chinese letters and explain the meaning of them. It is best to read the stories behind these tattoos. Some mean something totally unsuspected. Let’s discuss some of them.

“From God’s love to crazy man”

Priscilla has sent the following photo of the Chinese tattoo that her husband has. The tattoo is supposed to mean “Love of God” but, unfortunately, comes to mean “Crazy Man”. Incredible fail.

“I married an idiot”

This one also has his humor. And is that Roald sent the tattoo of his girlfriend and asked for its meaning. And often meant !. According to the editor of this blog, it has several connotations and one of them is “I married an idiot”. Little laughs.

Do you have a Chinese Letter Tattoos and regret? If you do not want to opt for a cover-up, it is best to look for the best tattoo removal alternative. Although good, I would always choose to cover myself. Perhaps, removing a tattoo is a clear sign that a very bad decision has been made in life and that we do not know how to deal with it.



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