Circle tattoos – a symbol of the eternal and the absolute

Within the world of geometric tattoos there are several forms that predominate. On the one hand we have the tattoos of triangles (of which a server has spoken on more than one occasion) while on the other, would be the so-called circle tattoos. And no, I do not mean the circle of Zen or Lucian. Directly to the geometric form that we have drawn from small.

Circle tattoos are quite common and since the hipster trend became fashionable and with it, minimalist tattoos have regained even greater notoriety within tattoo studios. It is a simple but complicated tattoo to perform. And is that if the tattoo artist does not have a good pulse can make a real aberration on the skin. The same goes for straight lines and so on.

Circle tattoos meaning

The meaning and symbology of the circle is very interesting. The circle, being closed in on itself, represents the eternal, the absolute as well as the circular movement of life and cycles of it. Everything is connected and the movement never ends. In addition, within Alchemy, the circle represents gold, the most precious metal.

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On the other hand, the circle tattoos are also given a certain protective essence. And is that to perform a ritual to protect someone, draw a circle with a point in the center. This point is the soul of the person you want to protect. Since ancient times, sorcerers, wizards and sorcerers have used different types of circles in their magical rituals to invoke the spirits.

And you, what do you think about circle tattoos? Do you have any? Take a look at this collection of tattoos and comment that they seem to you.

Pictures of Circle tattoos