Color gray kitchens and designs in 42 spectacular ideas

Today the different themes that we will deal with are focused on the gray color kitchens and their designs. We must start by mentioning that in the case of gros color there are sixty-five shades.

However it is the color that tends to relate to boredom. Other negative connotations call it the color of sadness and the antiquated.

However as other colors have similarly their positive connotations. It is likewise the color of objectivity and science. So it is also related to reflection. The gray kitchens and their application to many may seem like a cool tone. Although we can not get carried away by this first impression or its appearance. In any environment the color gros can bring balance. To which adds a certain degree of sophistication and extends our possibilities in terms of combinations.

The color combinations he admits are innumerable. So if we are looking for a house or a special kitchen this is our color. In general to introduce it to the decoration there are certain guidelines. Especially because beyond the negative connotations in Western society in the East happens the opposite. For them it is the way in which serenity and wisdom is symbolized. So beyond prejudices we must focus on taking advantage of this wonderful color.

As we mentioned at the beginning there are a lot of shades so it will be very easy to adapt to our specific needs. The pearl gray, linen, bluish shale or gray mole are some of the most used. Before using it in the kitchen and another stay it is necessary to be clear with which colors to combine it. It must be said that gray admits almost any color. Mainly so-called complementary tones, earth colors and whites. If we have to mention exceptions would be some dark ones like the navy blue or the green bottle.

For the gray color kitchens and their design the pastel shades are special to combine them. With them you create peaceful and even romantic environments if you use it in a bedroom. It is recommended to experiment with light yellow or blue. In many of the kitchens that we present the gray combine with the white. A perfect resource when it comes to getting a subtle and refined ambiance. In the case of the earth tones mentioned above the effect is very different. Different browns, yellow ocher and cream tones are the perfect detail to bring warmth.

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When it comes to giving the kitchen a natural touch can be matched perfectly with some plants. The combination with the vivid colors is just as diverse. In other rooms of the house one of the best combinations is with the red. Combined with the gray simply acquires greater protagonism. Most rooms that complement it with violet acquire a beautiful touch of spirituality. Whether for the kitchen or any room it is best to create custom combinations.

In addition to the kitchens the use of gray is very diverse. According to the psychology of color is likewise a color that guarantees a relaxed space. What makes it perfect for rest and therefore for the bedrooms. The cases of lighter tones give a greater degree of luminosity. So in addition to the small kitchens we can reserve for a dining room. In all these spaces is a guarantee of refined and contemporary environments.

In general, having so many shades is a color that harmonizes with many stays of any home. Even for work environments with some details in vivid colors is very effective. The gray kitchens and their design just like any other area should not look loaded. The negative connotations we mention can be increased if this color is abused. The kitchen or the living rooms will look like dull spaces and full of melancholy. So the best thing is a balance in all our design and take advantage of all its potential and sobriety.

Especially to create a quiet atmosphere in the kitchen area and with a touch of sobriety and timeless. This sobriety can be adapted according to the type of project from the most sober to those that focus on furniture or accessories. When our kitchen needs a touch of balance the vivid colors will stand out in many aspects. Its looking to accentuate the coldest tones is a good tool. Besides the furniture on some walls will be more than enough for our kitchen.

So your strength will be noticed immediately throughout the environment. The gray kitchens and small details are a resource that is always reliable. Lamps, cushions and mirror frames are just some of the endless examples. Equally maintaining a certain balance. Remember that an excess emphasizes negative aspects like a state of boredom and a gloomy space. In the kitchen area you should know how to combine very well and is the perfect base for multiple decorations.

No matter the style from the most classic to the most minimal. There are materials such as wood that likewise look good in contrast to gray. In several of the photos and our gallery can be appreciated. Both on countertops and on the floor the wood looks shiny in many gray kitchens. Other perfect combinations are the white lacquers. To these materials we must simply add some decorative elements in more cheerful colors. Along with other warmth can make the kitchen a space to share.

One more area of ??socialization as is the modern kitchen today. The gray kitchens and their design will always be related to the finish that we are chasing for the modern kitchen. The tonality can be related to elements like stainless steel. Another of the materials that are used very often in modern kitchens. In combination with the gray color will make our kitchen look brighter. Its maintenance is just as simple and is of great durability. Activities like cleaning will not be a problem at all.

In addition to its perfect combination with gray is a heat resistant material. Other effects such as stains and corrosion will hardly be noticed. In addition to its excellent contrasts the versatility of the gray makes it can be located anywhere in the kitchen. It can be the area of ??the dashboard, walls or cabinets. In any of the mentioned options the results are excellent. Alternatively perhaps the most used is to define this tone in furniture in combination with another.

This also helps our kitchen have a personal touch. If so, other areas such as walls, worktops and floor must have an absolute balance so that the whole set looks harmonic. As you can see in the images there are many patterns and possibilities. Especially highlighting the brown colors, the wood tones. In the latter case they are perfect for creating true neutral and timeless environments.

To all this must be added other clear shades that will give luminosity to the small kitchens. Materials such as glass or lacquers mentioned above can complete this whole range. We can even vary the materials depending on the shades of gray we use. Although at times in the case of the bedrooms can be cold in the kitchens is different. With it the kitchens transform and acquire a fresher image.

As well as changing contemporary environments into true wonders. All this gives us greater freedom as to the possibilities of style in the design of the kitchen or any room. It could be with white creating an industrial space or something less dramatic like the case of the brightest yellows. Beyond the furniture the gray kitchens and their design can rest on the walls. As a rule the choice of the color of the walls can be complicated.

Inadequate selection can be the end of the appeal of our kitchen. Even if it is not dl gray color the identification of the color should start from those already present in the kitchen. The weight of the color of the walls will be very important. It is said to constitute sixty percent of the tones of the rooms. So we would select the base tones from this would be the ones that would respond to the tones of the kitchen furniture. The image of the kitchen should be harmonious and have some homogeneity. Dismiss from these details in our gallery on gray kitchens and amazing designs.

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