Colorful kitchen and tips to fill them with life

Today we are talking about one of the most controversial issues for the decoration of our home. These are colorful kitchen and the choice of the latter in the design. For some when it comes to renovation this may be the most complex area of ??the house in terms of colors.

  • Colorful kitchen for designs full of life

If it is precisely your case we intend to give some recommendations in this post. Then it will be much simpler to make a decision regarding colorful kitchen and their design. Before selecting a color we must always consider its influence on our mood. In the same way as that color will affect and change our perception of the environment.

  • Colorful kitchen in different decorative accessories and furniture

This is the first thing we must master in terms of colorful kitchen and even style. When it comes to kitchens is one of the most important aspects for its design and decoration. In general and taking into account the effects of colors should be selected taking into account a number of different factors. One of them can be our way of life.

  • This blank environment is a perfect backdrop for various color accents

The other use we will make of the rooms in question in this case our kitchen. Basically let’s focus on some tones that are perhaps the most popular in kitchens. When we want to add color we should always think not only of the walls to do it. Furniture, accessories and even appliances will create beautiful contrasts. In kitchens warm colors can be interesting because they stimulate the senses.

  • Gray is perfect if we want a neutral space to contrast other tones

This is proven especially when used on large surfaces. The best styles and environments to apply are traditional kitchens. We can not lose sight of the fact that these are tones that require rational use. You can not abuse them because the design becomes very dense and even over loaded. One way to avoid this inconvenience is to contrast them with less bright ones.

  • Another interesting variant of kitchen in white with colorful details

This option will largely serve to compensate and balance our entire composition. As a result we will be able to show in our kitchen the warm color of our preference without looking crushing the design. At the other extreme are the cool colors, meaning the greens, blues and tones that are derived from them. They are perfect for spaces that evoke freshness and relaxation.

  • This is undoubtedly a bold design with an interesting mixture of colors

They unconsciously associate with nature and this is the cause by which they evoke these sensations. In the kitchens also provide an air of modernity and cleanliness. If we have dark appliances will be perfect to combine with cool tones. From the visual point of view the contrasts become very interesting.

  • Beautiful decorated with carpet of white and yellow patterns to match the tiles

If you prefer the dark tones you should compensate a little the environment with some details in red. For this the accessories are one of the best options that will make the contrast much more clear. As for kitchens colors and design we can not fail to mention the neutral colors. Neutral colors for many in kitchens may seem boring. This really does not have to be like this at all.

  • Design with shades in white and gray for a calm and pleasant kitchen

With neutral colors such as gray, beige and even some shades of white we can make an excellent base. They are perfect if it is to provide tranquility to the whole kitchen environment. With the neutrals on the walls the possibilities of using accessories are greater. We can play with a greater variety of tones without creating a loaded or overwhelming environment.

  • Colorful kitchen geometric patterns give the protagonist to this functional island

To achieve interesting results, mixing colors is a tempting way out. Obviously when it comes to painting the kitchen does not necessarily have to opt for a single color. Especially when it comes to several walls that we can make the most of. All the mixture in the colorful kitchen and the design brings dynamism to the whole space.

  • Furniture, accessories and textiles are perfect for entering accents of color

With more striking colors we can highlight some features or areas that are of interest to us. If on the other hand we want to disguise others, the color recess will be very useful. There are even many examples where one has chosen to paint the same wall of two colors. Dividing the upper and lower halves into different shades. Always reserving the lighter hue for the top of the wall.

  • A selection of furniture in white that fills this kitchen of freshness

It is an interesting resource that can be useful in small size kitchens. It makes them more interesting from the visual point of view, harmonizing them a little the lack of size. In general, in terms of colors, we must choose those that fit our lifestyle. The white we have to mention because it is almost a reference.

  • Creating colorful effects on dishes on shelves and blank walls

When it comes to creating an air cleaner and brightness is the best of options. Applied to walls and furniture will have a greater effect. Especially when it comes to small kitchens, or those that do not have many windows and lack lighting. In a white kitchen we can add several interesting details in green, red or orange.

  • Different shades of green applied to kitchen and floor walls

Always be combinations that will look good regardless of the dimensions of the kitchen. A much larger space is perfect for experimenting with darker shades. It is good that the lighting is also adequate so that it does not become a problem. The combination of dark tones and lack of light can turn your kitchen into a lugubrious and heavy space.

  • An interesting example contrasting the orange in furniture and accessories

If we spend a lot of time in the kitchen then we should consider neutral color choices. In the same way other soft tones like creams that will give us the necessary tranquility to concentrate on our favorite dish. In a situation like these more intense tones can have a fatigue effect and not give the results that we expect.

  • A colorful space, open kitchen shared with the living room and gray countertop

On the other hand solutions like the one we see in the image below are prfect if you need a relaxed and bright kitchen. The selection of the white in the furniture is a great outlet to achieve a beautiful contrast with the yellow wall. The white roof is likewise perfect to ensure a bright and fresh space. Other elements of natural accent such as wood on the ground and flowers evoke nature in a different way.

  • A variant of yellow wall that stands out the furniture and ceiling in white

The following image shows other variants in which you can contrast and include yellow. Especially with the use of accessories and other small details that increase the contrast and luminosity. Being an open space this feeling of freshness and light fill the whole environment. We leave this gallery with inspiring examples that will be very useful. Especially if we consider some remodeling or simply give a new air to our kitchen with small details.

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