Conquer your family with Peruvian cuisine in your wedding

If they have already marked the day of their request for a hand, but have not yet defined that special menu that they will share with their loved ones, pencil and paper because we started with delicious proposals with Peruvian flavor. To suck your fingers!.

Special Peruvian cuisinein your wedding

Placing the engagement ring is an act that can be private as a couple, or public through the famous request for a hand. A formalization of the commitment of the couple that has not lost its validity, such as the wedding dress. If they are determined by her, and want to show off with a menu up to that special date, do not give more laps and focus on the delicious flavors of Peruvian cuisine in your wedding.

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Beware that it is the official announcement to your family that soon there will be a wedding. As at the time they will also do it with the rest of family and friends through their marriage parties. Conquer the most demanding palates of the house with the following proposals that emanate from the national gastronomy. To take note.

Marine menu

If it is a lunch in which the label will be short party dresses, you can bet on the marine flavors. Start with a mixed ceviche, shrimp with stone or fish, a tiradito with the three creams, seafood cause a cocktail of shrimp or black shells or some choritos a la chalaca. As a main dish they can present a mixed jelly, a pickle of sin, a northern-style stretcher, a sweat of fish to the chalaca, chicharrón of fish or a juicy rice with seafood. A delicious chilcano can be added as a starter. The marine menu is the safe bet for those couples who plan to carry out a marriage on the beach, eye.

Couples who want to show off with a regional menu can opt for a strong Andean menu. As an entry you can start with a green broth, a patazca, a menestron or a lupine of beans. But they could also be replaced by a rocoto relleno, chanfainita, ceviche de chochos, solterito de queso a la aquipeña or tamalitos with pork or chicken. The main dish par excellence will be a pachamanca 4 flavors, a jerky of pork to the cajamarquina, a guinea pig, although the latter can also serve as chicharrón, locro, spicy or pepián de cuy. The idea of ??a letter fits very well the marriage couple in the field.

Creole menu

A Lima cause is the best start for a Creole menu. But it can be replaced by an ocopa to Arequipa, a stuffed potato, some humitas of cheese or a potato to Huancaina. As a main dish, a glorious salted loin, a dry meat, a northern kid with beans, a chili pepper, a juicy rice with duck or a covered rice. All without loss, if they are careful in the preparation.

This young concept in national cuisine offers us the fusion of Peruvian ingredients combined with international recipes. It is perfect for those who want a different dinner, with elegant evening dresses. Among some of its flagship dishes risotto or quinoa gnocchi, alcapa meat in Andean sauces or a guinea pig to oblivion.

Peruvian desserts

Just as Peruvian cuisine in your wedding enjoys fame, it has also earned its pastry. Among some of their delicacies can offer a purple mazamorra with or without rice pudding. But also a strained bean, picarones, sigh to the Lima, zambito rice, limeño turrón, king kong norteño, ranfañote or humitas with raisins. Flavors that will merge in the palates of your guests, immediately after placing that gold engagement ring in the hands of the bride.

Your drinks and cocktails

From the start, we recommend starting with a pisco sour or an algarrobina. Afterwards, all these dishes can be accompanied by chilcanos or chicha de jora. Among non-alcoholic beverages, do not discard chicha morada or frozen passion fruit.

The type of event defines the menu and how to serve it

If your request for a hand is intimate, it is better to serve the food at the table, respecting the order of appetizers, starter, main course and desserts. But if you are planning to organize a meeting of medium proportions, from 15 to more people, then maybe the recommended is buffet style.

Catering or restaurant

You will always find a catering service that can take care of the menu of your hand request if it is a considerable number of guests. In the same way, they can carry it out in a country restaurant. Peruvian cuisine in your wedding has no loses neither inside nor outside the home.

As important as concentrating on the search for beautiful engagement ring models is to dedicate yourself to defining the delicious menu Peru brand for your order of hand. Later on, already immersed in your marriage cards, you will see how time flies, and the best thing to do is to take the right decisions from today.