Couples Tattoos – Popular Tattoo Design

When it comes to great romantic gestures, some come closer to the moment to immortalize – literally and figuratively – by making a tattoo. For many desperate romantics, nothing better expresses a real commitment than to be tattooed the name of their love on the arm or face painfully – and for all intentions or goals, permanently – engraved on their bodies .

Despite the social stigma and notoriety they are often associated with most forms of body modification, tattoos have slowly grown to also an expression of love.

Now take this expression of love and multiply it in pairs. What do you have? Matching Couples tattoos. Leave it to lovers to lead the tattoo to a symbol of affection and turn it into something even more beautiful.

The Advantage of Having a Couple Tattoo

Having matching tattoos of couple is undoubtedly one of the gentlest and most romantic gestures to proclaim his love and commitment to the other. They represent an expression that tells the world how much they love each other; And the creativity and personality that is found in the design of the couple tattoo makes them even more special. Considering the fact that no one can predict the future and that there is absolutely no way to know how long the relationship will last, getting a soul mate tattoo seems to be a nice big risk.

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And what do we do if it does not work? What happens if one of the two breaks the other’s heart? Would you rest with a painful memory (word games wanted) of what it could have been? Alas, love, like life, does not run without risks.

If you think about this, couple tattoos are really just smartly drawn tattoos that have special meaning for both people who have a romantic relationship. In other words, they could be literally anything. It can be a name, or a phrase of your favorite movie, or even two frogs that make the sweet eyes one to the other. Your designs are limited by your imagination. Look at these tattoo designs from popular couples.

Sister heart heart tattoos

We can not talk about getting a tattoo that represents love and affection without thinking about hearts. Of course, the idea of ??heart is the symbol of love and can be cliché, but the beauty of this couple tattoos design is the matching of hearts tattoos, you can be as literal or as creative as you want With the drawing and still retain the logical connection of the meaning of the tattoo

The matching hearts tattoos are often seen on the wrists, ankles, and even behind the ears, but you can always go against the tradition and make them on another part of your body. If it is drawn and designed neatly, matching hearts tattoos can be a beautiful representation of the life you now share with your loved one.

Text Couple Tattoo

Think of a phrase from a song, a book, or a movie that has both touched you and your loved one. It would make a great tattoo, would not it? It would really do. Choose a beautiful typo, add an artistic touch here and there, and in no time you would have a simple couple tattoo filled with meaning that the couple’s two people can share. Despite everything, there are a few tricks to consider before you think about getting a tattoo couple text. For obvious reasons, you will want a drawing that has meaning by itself.

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Some people choose half the text to tattoo on them, and the others on the other person, as on the picture above. Together, the two tattoos form a complete idea. But what happens when the two are not together? Would you be left with a sentence that makes no sense? Words can be complicated like that, and you have to be smart about choosing the drawing.

Also, you will need to pay attention to writing. Having a badly written tattoo is like walking with a “Strike Me” Permament in your back; It’s boring. If you choose to have a quote like tattoo on your body, make sure you have the correct spelling. The last thing you will want is that people constantly correct the spelling whenever they see it. It is a tattoo after all, not something written on a paper that you can easily erase and correct.

This drawing idea is based on the thought that you and your partner complement each other. While both can be super individual, you shine more when you are together. It is when you are together that you feel naturally well. As if you were made for each other. Couple tattoos are made to represent a special bond that both share.

These tattoos are usually depicted by things that go naturally together, such as yin and yang, a king and his queen, knives and forks, padlocks and keys, and more. These drawings may even have pop culture references, describing cartoon characters, superheroes, video game characters, etc., in relation to the interests of both. Couple tattoos are typically cute and clever, and have the advantage of looking great even by themselves.

There are also other couple tattoo designs but it’s three should be enough to help you and your other half have a better idea to make a tattoo design that you both would like to have. All combinations of the design ideas mentioned above have the power to help you find the idea of ??tattoo designs of your dreams. Just remember to talk with your partner, and make sure you both agree on the choice of drawing.

It also makes sense to have the same artist doing the tattoos on the same day if possible. The tattoo technique of each artist is different and you run the risk of not having the same tattoos that go together if you and your partner decide to make them by two different artists. But then again, if you’re both happy with your couple tattoos, nothing else matters.