Cover Tattoo – How It’s Made and Pattern Ideas

If you regret having done a tattoo that reminds you of a lack of aesthetics or a bitter memory of a person, you can either remove it by laser or cover it with another tattoo. In a way, the laser is really very effective, however, the cost is much higher than the coverage with another tattoo so you might consider doing it.

If you have the budget, and you have a new tattoo idea, you should do a cover tattoo. Keep in mind that they are usually large because covering an old tattoo will take up more room on the skin.

Need to know before you make cover tattoo

In some cases, you will still see some traces of the old tattoo. This is considered normal because in some cases the cover tattoo should be done with thick and very dark colors, so, it can cause scary effects on the old tattoo. This is obviously the difference between tattooing on a virgin skin and making a tattoo on a skin already tattooed.

When making a cover tattoo, the new design must be three times larger than the original. The pattern should be able to accommodate a large volume of black shadows and cover a wider cover. Know that you can not do a tribal pattern tattoo as a cover tattoo because the cover is not an easy job. Personal designs are an ideal option, but you can check out any designs you choose from a tattoo artist or a tattoo cover specialist.

 For choice of color, cool shades like green and blue, work well with most cover tattoos. This means that you should avoid hot colors like red and yellow since they do not provide enough black pigmentations to cover a black or very colorful tattoo. Artists will generally make three layers to completely hide the oldest dark tattoos. That is why patience is also the golden rule of a good cover tattoo.

Cover tattoo – How it’s made?

Bad cover tattooThe process is as ordinary as to make a normal tattoo but since the second is a blanket, the new drawing will come in deeper into about 1mm. So the new and old pigments will combine together, but the colors with the darker and thicker inks will dominate more.

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As a result, black is the easiest choice if you want to completely cover your old tattoo. It will be necessary to be attentive to the choice of the drawing because all the pure black tattos do not necessarily go well to everyone. A talented artist will make you a beautiful darker tattoo to cover your old tattoo.

As a game of hide and seek, the tattoo artist will need to find a good strategy to hide the original tattoo without making the new look too complicated or strong. Factors such as size, style, areas to be covered and pigments should be considered before application.

The tattoo artist will first highlight your old tattoo. This can be done by using a tracing paper placed over the tattoo to see what can be done with it.

Then, the following process will begin once the artist has imagined the new design suitable for the cover. The new tattoo will have to be a great tattoo over the original.

Some very talented artists will find a way to integrate the old tattoo into the new rather than hide it. This can be done by drawing lines that evoke petals, flowers, buds or even vines.

Examples of Effective Cover Tattoo

However, you need to understand that all these cover ideas will not necessarily work for you. It is strongly advised to have the opinion of an expert or professional tattoo artist before deciding anything. These examples will give you a more concrete idea on how the covers work and how you should draw your new tattoo.

Hide a portrait of your former lover

This one is quite difficult but not impossible to do. You can change the portrait of your ex to death’s head, in addition, this figure will show you how you feel in relation to the past; This feeling is of the past and you have turned the page.

Replace image

Another way to cover up a love tattoo is by replacing that image with something or someone you love. Take the picture below for example. You can even replace the name of your ex tattoo. Following the same concept image.

Replace your spider tattoo

As these examples, you can quite take the spider image out of the drawing and replace it with the drawing of the Black Knight, Dark Vader or another spider. Any image of a black figure can be replaced in fact so do not hesitate!

Change something feminine into masculine

Some people can not help but just like hello kitty, the little mermaid or some other princess, but as they grow up, they realize that these tattoos no longer represent their interests or hobbies.

This example here is undeniably done by a creative artist because he or she was able to cover the little mermaid with a fierce dinosaur without needing to completely change the outline of the drawing and its details. This simply illustrates what a coverage can do; A camouflage.

In general, a cover tattoo will have to be more colorful and thicker than the original to be able to completely hide what is behind. But drawing does not need to be as detailed and decorative. In addition, your old tattoo has been very exposed to the sun and can be lasered and in this case ca will facilitate coverage.

Also, expect this coverage to be expensive but you can benefit by choosing the ideal tattoo artist and pattern.